This course provides a professional education in the theory and practice of computing, with special emphasis on the techniques, theory and applications in industry and commerce. The course covers principles of programming, operating systems, application development and software engineering. The course develops the skills necessary for you to demonstrate professional competence enabling you to work successfully in the computing industry.


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Course Title: Bachelor Degree (Hons.) in Computing
Category: Bachelor
Course Duration: 36-48 months (3-4 years) based on your HSEB percentage and A-level grades
Academic Progress: Semester, 2 semesters per year
Estimated Cost: N/A

Qualification Required

The candidate applying for B. Sc. (Hons.) in Computing program must have:

  • Successfully completed twelve-years schooling/ PCL in science or any other streams or equivalent from any University, board or institution.
  • Must Secure at least 2nd division in the 10+2, PCL or equivalent program. Compiled with all the application procedures.
  • One should secure the minimum percentage set to get a year wavier. (i.e. usually 50%, 65% or 75% based on universities)


There are various jobs after completion of B.Sc you may get job in govt. sector also you may apply for several other jobs in the IT sector.

Course Syllabus

The 1st year is waved if you can secure 50% or 65% or 75% based on the HSEB percentage or A-level grades or equivalent examination grades based on universities provision.

BSc. CSIT in Computing Course

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