Suddenly, right after the completion of your HSEB Board exams you are tensed. Your mind is pre-occupied and you are in dilemma what next to do and what not to? Is this correct for me or not? Will this field help me to accomplish the dream I had at the start or will it create more confusions to me? These and others of these kinds of questions will surely hover in your mind as well. So, what is the alternative? What should I do? This friend of mine has got scholarship in this country and is going to study there and the other has already decided their destiny and has nothing to do more than admission now. My humble suggestion to you at the start is to relax. Nothing has been wrong yet. You are still in the right track, and you will surely be if you think with cool head.  There can be many obstacles in your path to success. But you must be brave enough to shoot your cowardice and enhance what you have learnt till now in your practical life.


I have the following steps of suggestions for you to follow in the below mentioned steps:


STEP I: Know your capability. Think what you are interested in. No job is big or small but your mentality is. Set up your mind in the field where you can be perfect, where you can be one of the best in the world. Seek deep inside you; you have the capability to change things around you. When Bill Gates started his company, he started small but now, it speaks by itself. So, if he can do why can’t you? Just don’t think of the possibility, just do it!!

Main thing to be noted: Choose a field in which you are interested to join not others. Since, you are the one to live your life not your family members, friends or relatives.


STEP II:Since, you have already set your mind for what to do next. Your next task will be to confirm whether you would like to study here in Nepal or abroad. If abroad, which county and which university (make a shortlist of around 10 universities, keep your options open) and also prepare for the tests like IELTS, SAT, GRE, etc. And if in Nepal, then think where? If you set a target and work upon it, you surely can achieve.

Main thing to be noted:Think where to study (Nepal or any other country) and prepare accordingly.


STEP III: By now, you will have distinct vision where to study and you will be giving your 100% to get admitted there at any cost. But maybe you failed so what next? Option one; keep trying in this field in the next intake. Or option two; go for second priority.

In the end we just want to say that, the dream of your own career and further study must be balanced and equalized. There must be proper balance between your present requirement, ability, interest and your future career. In whatever field you choose to dive or in whichever country you want to continue, you must give your 100% dedication and consistency. Even If you fall back in some point of your life, you must rather stand up and walk through a new path than to retreat. Never give up and think with your head.