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Bijeshwori Gyan Mandir Sainik Mahabidhyalaya

Basic info about the academy
📆 Established: 2054 B.S
🗺️ Bijeshwori, Kathmandu
☎️ 01-4217498
📧 [email protected], [email protected]
🌐 http://www.bgmsm.edu.np/
🏛️ Ownership: Private
🎓 Affiliation: NEB

About Bijeshwori Gyan Mandir Sainik Mahabidhyalaya

Bijeshwori Gyan Mandir Sainik Mahavidyalaya (BGMSM) has been blossomed as a higher secondary school by Nepal Army to upgrade the widen pace of the institution as model girls’ academy. It is entirely looked after by Nepal Army Welfare Fund (NAWF). To proffer the best available higher learning approaches and all-round opportunities to all the students, to aspire their personal hidden talents and to expand scholastic and co-scholastic abilities, the Mahavidyalaya, specifically concentrates, first and foremost, upon academics co-related and extracurricular activities, highly emphasizing individual counselling , closely associated to course of studies and career guidelines for future prosperities. It is a holy place of whizz-kids where each individual is catered, cared and canalized effectively and efficiently for their successful life. To assimilate these norms and resolutions, to create it’s heightened and widened access to reach the summit of academic excellence, the foundation stone was laid down by Nepal Army Wives Association(NAWA) on 23rd Kartik, 2054 B.S.(9th November 1997 A.D.) on the lap of Swoyambhu, coined after Goddess Bijeshwori.

The Mahavidyalaya stands for academic excellence, a place of the conducive environment which highly fosters overall academia. Our graduates too have been doing rather well by winning prestigious awards, scholarships, and obtaining noteworthy placements. These accomplishments of the Mahavidyalaya are indeed a testimonial to their worth and a matter of deep abiding pride to their Alma mater. The Mahavidyalaya, considering the saying ‘I walk slowly but I never walk back’ updated, modified and modernized pedagogical approaches and methods to suit contemporary national and global needs which ultimately has knocked the Mahavidyalaya to product her graduates in MBBS, Nursing, Cadet, Engineering, etc.

Besides academics, the Mahavidyalaya also equally displays her excellence in extra-curricular activities to develop the all-round development of an individual. The Mahavidyalaya is, therefore committed to maintain academic ethos in bringing out the potentialities of Nepalese girls to shoulder the process of nation-building, to meet the nation’s requirements and to compete globally in diverse arenas. The Mahavidyalaya solemnly promises to meet all the requirements and self-sustainable foundation.


  • To boost up the institution as a model girls’ educational academy providing quality education to all the daughters of the army staff and public of each and every nook of the nation at affordable fees.
  • To impart practical, innovative, scientific, vocational education system and advanced pedagogical techniques meeting international standards to compete in global arena.
  • To yield well-disciplined, self-reliant, qualified, inquisitive, research-oriented citizens by nurturing positive attitudes towards modern trends of people, life and vision.
  • To offer a solid foundation of higher education providing access to excellent communicating and shared learning skills to delve into the globe.
  • To carve kinetic potentialities of the vibrant individuals infusing extra-curricular activities feeling the sustainable necessity and exposing their inherent latent to undergo a worthy life.

Pastoral Care

Mahavidyalaya is highly acknowledged about the hygiene and sanitation of the students. No junk foods are allowed inside the periphery of school premises. School prefects are nominated by the indirect franchise system. They are motivated to look after all indisciplinary work committed by the students. Besides, in each class and section, captain and vice-captain are elected among the students. To build up co-operation, leadership qualities, decision-making capacity, conflict management, teamwork abilities, students are divided among four houses named after fragrant flowers as Sunakhari, Laligurans, Parijat and Sayapatri. School and college prefects have to submit their overall fortnight report to the discipline committee of teachers.
The Mahavidyalaya further organizes terminal health check-up, immunization programmes and proper guidelines about adolescence and its challenges to the students. It has managed some beds for first aid and services. The assembly hour always starts with PT to remain to the students physically fit and mentally alert. The Mahavidyalaya also manages the schedule to visit some nearby orphanage providing them alms time and again. It enriches to its students to visit various social organizations like Maiti Nepal, ABC, AATWIN, etc. and make them aware of different social evils.


The Mahavidyalaya follows the different integrated curriculum in primary, lower-secondary, secondary and higher secondary level consulting with subject experts, educationists, curriculum designers, etc. Its teachers and students are also regularly updated with interdisciplinary approaches to achieve beyond the boundaries of a single discipline. The Mahavidyalaya exactly implements government curriculum in district level examination for class VIII, and national level School Leaving Certificate for class X, conducted by Nepal Board. Yet, the Mahavidyalaya does not limit government curricula alone but annexes supplementary items and necessary materials so that thirsty toddlers acquire an abundance of necessary skills required for higher education. Vocational education like art and craft, music, dance, sculpture, etc. is also simultaneously prioritized from primary level to higher secondary level holding the motto of ‘learning by doing self’.

Evaluation System

The Mahavidyalaya applies the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system to enable the teacher to monitor each child’s performance throughout an academic session and carryout necessary corrections during the year itself. It emphasizes a cumulative evaluation system, which values all works and activities of the students throughout the year and provides due weightage to maintain the desired level of performance in all internal assignments, project works, class works, behavioural inspection etc. and tries to meet the standard of the international grading system. It strengthens to impart light, sight and insight of holistic education through diagnostic assessment.

The Mahavidyalaya swaps professional enrollment

The Mahavidyalaya has highly qualified and experienced faculty members to provide student-centred learning and teaching environment with modern technologies such as powerpoint, web-surfing, audio-visuals, etc. whereby students actively participate in workshops, seminars, group discussions and conference classes to highly advanced countries as Japan and Australia.
It comes with frequent training opportunities to the academic personalities to sharpen and foster the potentialities inherited among the teaching staff based on modern approaches, techniques and methodologies. If there is a demand, we may even consider establishing an ‘exclusive girls’ school’ comparable to the best anywhere else, so that such a school encourages our students to exchange cultural, geographical, political drainage of Nepal and abroad. It effectively applies daily, terminal, annual, academic plan and calendar.


The Mahavidyalaya has lavishly furnished, airy, spacious and well-ventilated classrooms, auditorium hall with the perfect sound system having a sitting capacity of 500 audiences, a high-tech, ultra-modern multi-media projectors, large mobile screen pad along with cosy and comfortable furniture amenities. It also offers CD and cassette players for effective classroom delivery. The very lively, spacious resources room which aims to provide multifarious genres of knowledge regarding cultures, traditions, costumes, languages, devices of high-tech and science, arts, socio-economic aspects of the people of various regions of Nepal to access to the students in the mainstream of political ideology of the nation. We aim to foster it as a mini-museum in the future with divine objectives of the teaching-learning process. The resource room is developed as per the voluntary aid of the staff of the Mahavidyalaya. We hope it will boost up the all-round development of the behavioural learning of the students.


The Mahavidyalaya has its comfortable transport system for the students to be ferried to and fro from school premises at an affordable cost. The school buses pick-up and drop students only from the point identified in its route map made and decided to ensure students a safe and convenient journey to their destinations.


The Mahavidyalaya is undoubtedly a better platform for the students who take an avid interest in extra-curricular activities are consistently appreciated and encouraged to take part in Taekwondo, Athletics and Volleyball mainly. It has standard size basketball and volleyball courts. Ultra-modern Taekwondo hall of the Mahavidyalaya is innermost sides of attraction throughout the nation.

We provide facilities for many sports activities that encourage the sportsmanship, good spirits of healthy competition, Vision-20 in sports, Door to Door Taekwondo programmes, Inter-house Sports Meet programmes to sharpen all-round development of the girls. To build-up to International players in Taekwondo and national players in athletics is another matter of pride and honour to the Mahavidyalaya. Besides these, many indoor games like Badminton, T.T., Chess, etc. are the on growing games of spirit to the girls of Mahavidyalaya.

Resource Room

To grab various certificate and medals related to quiz-contest, essay writing, poem writing competition organized by various organizations also proved the better framework provided to the students by Mahavidyalaya. It has started Futsal; a newly applied game in the context of Nepal is also one of the landmark steps towards the aspiration of the sports.


To be totally untouched and error-free from churning out and igniting the graduates and throwing away non-graduates, the Mahavidyalaya has endeavoured settling an active guidance and counselling section with trained counsellor to assist students in learning problems by counselling emotionally, psychologically and affectionately to boost up highly learned and disciplined environment within school premises.
The Mahavidyalaya exceeds day to day counselling services to her toddlers to enrich academic excellence and fosters for personal and career development of the students. This section is constantly getting feedback from teachers, students and parents about personal issues of the students. Nonetheless, it reconstructs a bridge to fulfil the gap between parents and school attitudes overlapped to the learners.


Laboratories are added attractions of this Mahavidyalaya to the students, parents and visitors. There is well-maintained, spacious, hygienic, and well-equipped science laboratory with modern apparatus and ample, varied specimens. There is highly equipped, sophisticated and resourceful computer lab to the students feel contented and at ease while conducting practical work as per the demand of the course. It has the advantage of the internet which students utilize to quench their thirst of the globe and human beings.


The Mahavidyalaya has a well-setup library with reference and issue section separately. It harbours a large number of reference books of different genres together with the textbooks, targeting to a different level and interest of the readers like students, teachers and academic researchers. Hardworking and sincere students can always derive benefit from the available library cubicles. Students are encouraged to write a book review after reading any sorts of books so that frequent reader is awarded annually.

Youth Red Cross Circle

To Transfer theoretical as well as benevolent attitude towards social welfare and humanity among the students, the Mahavidyalaya has formed Youth Red Cross Circle. The members have to look after possible first aid services to the Bijeshworians in and outside the school premises. They are further circulated to raise awareness campaign among the girls for the optimum opportunities to sharpen leadership and managerial skills, run indoor and outdoor games, enhance mutual understanding and co-operation.


BGMSM has now run class I-XII where daughters of Army and Civil read in a ratio of sixty and forty respectively. Every year, the Mahavidyalaya enrolls students in class one in Army Quota and class three in Civil Quota. Regarding class eleven, interested students can enroll in both Army and Civil Quota in Management stream.

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