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Carina International Academy

Basic info about the academy
📆 Established: 2011 A.D
🗺️ Banasthali, Kathmandu
☎️ 4385504, 4355224
📧 [email protected]
🌐 N/A
🏛️ Ownership: Private
🎓 Affiliation: NEB

About Carina International Academy

CIA is an arcade of academicians with diverse disciplines endeavouring to develop the “Education Village Creating Life-long Achievers”. Since its inception, Carina International Academy (CIA) has been actively catering to the current academic necessity in Nepal. Run by a group of experts and professionals, the excellent commencement of the errand itself is a landmark in educational contribution. It is noteworthy that we have a significant track record. CIA consists of comprehensive programs under which pre-primary to higher education, both national (+2 programs, Bachelors’ Masters etc.) and international (A-Level) is through the streamline. Since 2011, we are operating +2 programs in Science, Management and Humanities programs to address the variegated preferences of the students and parents in. The proposed programs aim to provide value education to aspiring students. We are in the pursuit of education that cares.
We have adequate physical infrastructures (international standard courtyards for Basket Ball, Lawn Tennis, Volleyball, Badminton, *Table Tennis, *Swimming pool etc.) and an environment which is much conducive for learning and teaching activities. We have veteran and experienced faculty members. And, what else we have the calibre to deliver the education in depth that would be the lifetime achievement for the aspirants.
We aim to stand distinguished in this discipline via our teaching methodology and the perfect operating modules amidst the crowd. Henceforth, we are presenting diverse academic programs with practical optional subjects.
We just don’t proclaim but are far more confident that CARINA INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY WILL OPEN UP AN AVENUE for the students who are in quest of a better future.


To provide congenial teaching and learning environment to nurture potential
To convey the value-added education
To impart the high-class education to generate excellent graduates
To cater to the needs of students in the whole

• To provide the education that counts in practical (real) life
• To boost up the morale of students
• To assist in building/enriching the personal capacity of students
• To provide the students with efficient and practical knowledge of
science, business administration, IT solutions, art, literature and
other social phenomena.
• To equip them with required behaviour, attitudes, abilities and culture.
• To induce the thirst of entrepreneurship and professional career, social behaviours and research capacity through the students.

Our vision is to provide education with innovation. CIA envisages creating the bonafide citizenry via application of the modern teaching methodology that inspires the person, society and nation as a whole.


The college has well equipped, sophisticated and resourceful laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Hotel Management, Computer science and Mass communication to conduct practical classes. The college provides internet facilities in the computer lab, where students and faculties can browse during their scheduled and spare time.

The college has a well-set library with basic textbooks, magazines, newspaper and reference books. Furthermore, our library helps to prepare students for information regulation.

CIA organizes workshops and seminars regularly. Here we allow students to prepare and present the concept papers on the related subject. Simultaneously, we allow students to have their say and encourage them to draw the inference.

We are concerned with the physical and mental development of the students. So, we have adequate space for playgrounds. We have an international standard basketball courtyard, lawn tennis court, table tennis boards, and badminton court and swimming pool. Similarly, we highly encourage students to participate in football and crickets through CIA Club. In the same manner, we organize sports week annually. We even allow students to take part in sports competitions and tournaments. We have veteran music and dance teachers for music and dance classes.

We believe that knowing by doing is an excellent way of experiencing things. In our academic calendar, we have included excursion as an inevitable part of co-curricular activities. As stated in the calendar we take students outdoor for educational tours.

Extra Facilities

We have a spacious cafeteria where the students and faculty members can enjoy delicious and hygienic food at affordable prices. The cafeteria maintains hygienic food with skilled professionals.

We organize cultural programs and encourage students to take part. We even allow students to take part in cultural activities organized by others.

Besides sporting activities, we organize personality development workshops. This enables students to adopt the perfect code of conduct. Similarly, we invite renowned national icons as visiting faculty members which could influence the students for overall personality development.

We assign each student with social project work. We teach students to design social projects and to implement them. We guide them throughout the operation of the project.

We inspire students to realize their role and responsibilities towards society. So we include some of the students in social works as volunteers. We will establish a volunteers’ club in the initiative of students themselves. We take students in social ceremonies and occasions as volunteers. We have even plan to exchange students with foreign colleges as volunteers. This will instill the altruism and the value of teamwork in students.

Career Councelling:

CIA believes that every aspirant avails with special characters and interests. So our responsibility is to guide the aspirant on behalf of her/his interest and potential calibre. There are numerous subjects and faculties; we aim to provide the rightful advice to the aspirants so that they hit on the head of the nail of their career. We exactly apply the psychological methods for counselling and we have a veteran counsellor for this always-on service.

Research, Publications and Case Studies
Now teaching and learning process doesn’t end up there with the classroom, books, marker and board. Beyond these typical routine classes, we encourage and assign students with research, publication and case studies. We invite students to conduct research along with case studies on academic and non-academic subjects which would extend the realm of their knowledge. To be precise, we inspire students to know things by self. Similarly, we motivate students to publish the in house journal, magazine and other sorts of publications.

Computer Programming/IT Solutions
Since computer knowledge has been an indispensable component nowadays, the CIA offers computer programs to students to the optimum level. CIA is indecisively fully IT implemented institution. CIA even assign students with IT related works.

Leadership Skills
As CIA goal is to create the informed citizenry out of the aspiring students, we thrive in the personality with leadership skills. As we conduct a very participatory class with focused group discussion and other communal activities, students will get an opportunity to sharpen their leadership skills.

Entrepreneurship Skills
CIA prepare today’s youth for tomorrow’s world. Along with the leadership skills, we will be liable to instil entrepreneurship skills making them able to plan and implement the projects with farsightedness.

Enrollment Procedure

The students who passed SEE examination or its equivalent from a recognized board are eligible to participate in + 2 programs and A level, enrollment process.

Entrance Test
To get enrolled in Carina International Academy (CIA) one has to go through an entrance test that bears both subjective and objective questions of evaluation.

Interview (Parents/Students)
As the aspirant passes out the entrance test, he/she has to face an interview with corresponding parents.

Courses Offered

  • 10+2 Humanities
  • 10+2 Management
  • 10+2 Science

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