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Chitwan Hospital & Health Foundation

Basic info about the academy
📆 Established: 2004 AD
🗺️ Bharatpur 10, Chitwan
☎️ 056-526224/056-533260
📧 N/A
🌐 N/A
🏛️ Ownership: Private
🎓 Affiliation: CTEVT

About Chitwan Hospital & Health Foundation


  • To produce the medical, nursing, para medical human resources that are capable enough to contribute in up grading the human status of the people by up grading the physical infrastructure and human resources.
  • Play a crucial role in improving the general health of people through the production of qualified and competent human resources.

Goal/ Objectives

  • Prepare professional graduate nurse with comprehensive scientific knowledge regarding health system.
  • Produce effective, qualitative, quantitative nursing professional for hospital and community setting.

Courses Offered

  • PCL in Medical Laboratory Technology (CMLT)
  • PCL Nursing (Staff Nurse) | Duration: 3 years | Entry qualification: SEE pass

For further details, contact

J. N. Thapaliya
Phone: 056-526224/533260
Fax: 056-526224

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