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College of Medical Sciences (COMS)

Basic info about the academy
📆 Established: 1993
🗺️ Bharatpur, Chitwan
☎️ +977-56-524203
📧 [email protected], [email protected]
🌐 http://www.cmsnepal.edu.np
🏛️ Ownership: Private
🎓 Affiliation: Kathmandu University (KU)

About College of Medical Sciences (COMS)

The International Society for Medical Education Pvt. Ltd. (ISME Pvt. Ltd.) – the non-profit organisation had an agreement with Government of Nepal, which was signed on 8th August 1993 to establish the College of Medical Sciences – at Bharatpur for medical education, promotion of health and training Para-Medical staff in Nepal.
In reality, the institution was established under the pioneer leadership of Mr Nagender K. Pampati, a young MBA from Boston, USA, the Managing Director and Architect of this newly established Institution. The institution has been continuously progressing under the dynamic leadership of young medical graduate from the same institution and the Director of ISME Pvt. Ltd. Dr. V. Natraj Prasad.
College of Medical Sciences is currently headed by Professor A.C. Patowary, FRCPE, DPH (Edin.) as the principal, who was formerly Professor and Head of the Department of Community Medicine, Guwahati Medical College, Director of Medical Education, Planning and Research and Director of Health Services, Government of Assam, India. General

The college working hours are from 9 AM to 5 PM. Saturday is the weekly day off all over Nepal. Sundays are working days.


The goal of the College of Medical Sciences is to select capable students who can gain by attending academic activities to excel in both the art and science of medicine. It is emphasized that student is always of a heterogeneous group. We recognize that a diverse student body promotes an atmosphere of creativity, experimentation and create a conducive atmosphere for learning.

Hostel Accommodation:

Separate hostel accommodation is available for boys and girls. All students should reside in the hostel except those who are permitted to reside with parents/guardian or relatives with the permission of the parents. In Bharatpur, The admission to the hostel and allotment of the room is at the discretion of the Principal.

Request for accommodation in the hostels should be in writing in a prescribed form along with the assurance by the parents/guardian for the good conduct and behaviour of the candidates during his/her stay in the hostel. Admission to the hostel will be made by the Warden on approval of the Principal.

A student’s Aid Fund exits in the Institute. The object of this fund is to render financial assistance to needy students. The foundation will be used to assist deserving students to purchase books and pay tuition fees and/or examination fees or to meet similar other expenses. The assistance will be given in the form of grants or interest-free loans depending upon the availability of funds. No scholarship will be given from these funds. The functions and administration of the fund are governed by the rules framed for the purpose. Voluntary contributions in the multiples of RS 100/- per month are acceptable.

Foreign students admitted to MBBS course are required to undergo a course in the Nepali Language. This is compulsory as per Kathmandu University regulations.

General Discipline:

Students admitted to the Institute shall maintain good conduct, pay the requisite tuition fees and other charges by due dates attend their classes/clinics regularly and abide by the rules and regulations of the Institute. When the conduct and character of a student are not satisfactory or is of suspicious nature, the Principal reserves the rights without assigning any reason thereof either to make him/her vacate the hostel or to expel him/her from the institute.

The student and their guardian should sign the declaration at the time of admission.

Admission, Selection, Migration and Training

A candidate for admission to MBBS course must have passed in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology & English individually and must have obtained a minimum of 50% marks taken together in Physics, Chemistry and Biology at the qualifying examination and a minimum aggregate of 50% marks at the 10+2 level or equivalent examination.
He/She shall complete the age of 17 years on or before 31st December, of the year admission to the MBBS course.
If a student has a compartmental in any subject, the marks that he/she obtained is the pass as indicated his/her marks can be considered for calculating eligibility. There is no upper age limit and even students who may have passed class XII some years back are eligible provided he has the eligibility criteria. The medium of instruction is English`.
A candidate who has completed B. Sc Degree of a recognized university with one of the following subjects viz. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and at least one other prescribed science subject of the study up-to-the eligibility level and he/she should have scored not less than an aggregate of 50% marks; provided that such candidates have passed the earlier qualifying examination (10+2 or an equivalent examination) with the subject of English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
The candidates, who have passed the qualifying examination other than those mentioned in the list, will have to submit an eligibility certificate from Kathmandu University or the Medical Council of India before admission is finalized. These conditions will also apply to the candidates to be nominated by NG/Nepal.
c. Equivalent certificates offered by the various Universities and Boards in the USA and UK and other countries (Equivalent certificates as approved must be submitted in original)
Note:– Candidates scoring higher marks in XII class or equivalent examination shall be given preference over other candidates in a matter of admission.
These eligibility requirements take care of the Katmandu University and Nepal Medical Council requirements. The students applying to COMS from India should get an eligibility certificate from the Medical Council of India as per notification of the Medical Council of India dated 18th February 2002 after confirmation of their admission.

1. Eligibility Requirements for Foreign Students:

A minimum of 2 credit passes and 1 ordinary pass in Physics, Chemistry, Biology (PCB) or 50% marks in aggregate of PCB at the ‘A’ level or equivalent examination. He or she should have at least a credit pass in English at the ‘O’ level and should have completed 17 years of age. (If there are 4 subjects – Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany/ Mathematics then a minimum of 2 credit passes and 2 ordinary passes). There is no entrance Examination. viz; SAT / TOEFL is not required.

Note: To calculate eligibility we take the midpoint of each grade and this should total up to an aggregate of at least 50% in all the subjects taken at “A’ levels and also when adding the grade for English at ‘O’ level.

London ‘A’ & ‘O’ level grades:

Grade (A): 80%& above Mid point-90

Grade(B): 70-79% Mid point-74.5

Grade(C): 60-69% Mid point-64.5

Grade(D): 50-59% Midpoint-54.5

Grade(E): 40-49% Midpoint-44.5

Grade (N): 35-39%

To calculate eligibility we take the midpoint of each grade and this should total up to an aggregate of at least 50% in all the subjects taken at “A’ levels and also when adding the grade for English at ‘O’ level. In case the marks do not tally up to 50% when using the midpoints of each grade range, we advise students to apply to their boards and ask for actual marks. The Boards then send the marks to us, in confidence. The student may prove to be eligible if he/she has obtained a higher score than the midpoint of the grade and the total adds up to be 50% or more.

Students are requested to apply with photocopies of their A & O level grade sheets. For faster communication, students may fax photocopies of their A & O level grade sheets. But please do not send scanned copies by email. Please write your postal address, email address/ phone/ fax numbers on the admission application. On receiving the photocopies of the mark sheets, if the student is found eligible, provisional admission will be offered. A seat may be reserved on receipt of the first instalment.

Original Certificates at the time of joining, the student must present the original mark sheets and pass certificates of the qualifying board examinations – ‘A’ & ‘O’ levels / Class X & XII, proof of date of birth, medical fitness certificate, character certificate, and 12 passport size photographs. (It is best to keep the negative of the passport size photograph as it is needed several times during the course). Admission is confirmed only after scrutiny of the original certificates and receipt of all fees.

2. Tourist to Student Visa:

New students must get a tourist visa for 60 days at the International Airport at Kathmandu. The visitor’s visa rate is US$ 30 / for the first two months. The tourist visa is valid for 60 days and can be renewed for the third month at US$ 50 (For renewal of tourist visa, one has to go to Kathmandu). The college will help in the procuring and renewal of student visas if the application, complete in all respects, is received 60 days before the expiry of the last visa. The lapse and other fines are the student’s responsibility. The college will collect all student visa applications and send them collectively to the immigration authorities.

3. The completed application consists of the following:

Seven copies of the visa application form (One visa application form can be filled in black ink in block letters, cross-checked by the visa-in-charge, 7 copies made, 7 photographs (all same) pasted and all 7 copies signed in original)

Photocopy of passport and last visa stamp

A bank statement showing the student has $3000/ in his / her account in the year the visa is to be extended

Visa fees for one year (Must be submitted each year along with the college and hostel fees)

4. Process of getting student visa recommendation from Kathmandu University:

The Principal of the college will send a request letter to the Registrar, Kathmandu University along with all the documents and photocopies of passports of all foreign students and the Kathmandu University will verify the documents and send a letter of recommendation to the Ministry of Education & Sports, HMG/Nepal. The Education Ministry will send all the documents to the Immigration Department with their recommendation who is the ultimate authority to issue the Visa.

Approval from the Ministry of Education The Ministry of Education requires Original Passports and Bank Statements too. It is important that the student should have more than $3000/ in their account at the time of application. A bank statement can be taken to show that the student has the requisite sum in his / her account. New students must bring at least USD$ 3100 separately and deposit that in their bank account. After receiving a bank statement, this money can be used to pay hostel fees etc later. A student must request the bank statement on their own. The college can assist in getting this after the student sign for a ‘Bank Statement Request’.

Granting of Visa by Immigration Department: The Education Ministry approves the visa applications and sends them to the Immigration Department. The applications should reach the Immigration Department before the expiry of the last visa. In the event of delays, a late fee of $50 is payable for the 1st day and $2 per day, thereafter.

5. Multi-Entry Visa:

A charge of US$ 60 is charged over and above the monthly student visa fees to make it a multi-entry visa. For the multiple entry visa to be valid it is absolutely necessary that the students get an exit stamp/ sticker on their passports at the time of departure at the Immigration Counter, International Airport, Kathmandu.

Similarly, they must get an entry stamp/sticker at the Immigration Counter, International Airport, Kathmandu while returning from vacation and entering Nepal. If the exit stamp is missing, it will have 2 repercussions. Students will have to pay re-entry fee while returning from vacation and entering Nepal, and the study visa for the remaining period will also get cancelled and the whole process will have to be re-started.
Visas rules are liable to be changed from time to time.
A tourist visa can be obtained at Kathmandu airport. New students must get a tourist visa for at least 60 days. The college will assist in procuring a student visa at a later stage.

Fee structure:

There are several headings of fees structures. Such as self-financed student fee, hostel fee, mess charges, library and diary fee, student welfare fee, medical service fee, university registration fee, university affiliation fee, examination fee, student council and college day fee, student welfare fee, sports and cultural activities fee etc. The details of the fee can be obtained from the Director of Admissions, College of Medical Sciences, Bharatpur, Chitwan (Dist.), Nepal.

Application form for admission

All columns in the application form should be filled carefully and legibly in candidate’s own handwriting and sent by registered post with acknowledgement due addressed to the Director-Admission, College of Medical Sciences – Nepal in a cover super scribed “Application for admission to MBBS course, so as to reach him by the cut off date as advertised. Application received after the due date due to postal delay in transit or for any other reason will not be accepted. So also, applications which are incomplete in the required information are likely to be rejected.

Note:- Application form may be submitted even though the Intermediate science or equivalent qualifying examination results are not out, on or before the due date as indicated above. However, he must qualify in all respects before the admission.

1.2. The following documents should be submitted with the application form.

Age Certificate:- Copy of school leaving certificate, or any other document/ showing date of birth, a certificate signed by Head of the Institution last studied showing the date of birth of the candidates ( attested Xerox Copy)

Course certificate of qualifying examination:- In case, the result of the qualifying examination has not been declared, a copy of the certificate from head of the Institution where the candidate studied his 10+2 science stream or equivalent qualifying examination showing the subjects taken. (attested Xerox copy )

Note:– On publication of results, an attested photostat copy of the mark-sheet of the qualifying examination should be submitted immediately so as to reach this Institute on or before the date of admission.

In the case of candidates who have already passed the qualifying examination, an attested Photostat copy of the mark-sheet of Intermediate/ Equivalent qualifying examination or higher examination as the case may be (Photostat Copy).

If the mark-sheet of the qualifying examination is in any language other than English, attach a true attested copy of the translation of mark-sheet in English in International numerals.

Conduct certificate:- A Photostat copy of conduct certificate from the Head of the Institution where studied last.

Nationality Certificate:- A Photostat copy of the relevant pages of passport or any other document such as Identity card/ Citizenship card etc. issued by the competent authorities as proof of nationality of the candidate.

Photographs:- Two passport size and two stamp size colour photographs recently taken. One to be pasted in the application form and the other three in an envelope.

Self Address envelop:- A self-addressed envelope of the size of 10x 22.5 cm

A self-addressed an envelope for sending an acknowledgment card.

Certificates submitted with the application form will in no case be returned to the candidates. Candidates are, therefore, advised not to send their original certificates which are not required, at this stage. However, they will be required to verify at the time of admission.

If any information/certificates furnished in the application is found to be false, fabricated or forged, there will be an outright rejection of the application.

An accepted application will be registered and given a registration number and will be acknowledged. This registration number should be quoted in all future correspondence without fail for reference.

Method of Selection and Admission

All the candidates who have applied for admission and are found eligible will be required to appear for an interview at their own cost. The interview will be conducted at a particular centre only if there are a sufficient number of candidates for that centre or else candidates may be asked to appear in other centres as decided by the authority.

Only those candidates shall be called for interview who fulfil the admission requirements in respect of Age and educational qualification as indicated.

Interview letters will not be sent to the ineligible candidates. No representation in this regard will be entertained.

No correspondence will be entertained for refund of registration fee of the ineligible candidates.

The Institute bears no responsibility for non-receipt of interview letter due to loss in transit or on any other reason.

Admission shall be offered only to the candidates from the merit list, in accordance with their merit position.

Individual letters will be sent to the candidates who are likely to be selected or come in the waiting list. They will be required to attend the interview and Medical Examination at the Institute at their own cost on the notified date. At the time of the interview, candidates will have to produce the original documents such as proof of age, transfer certificate, marks sheets, migration certificates etc.

Provided any candidate is not able to attend interview and Medical Examination at the Institute on the notified date on medical grounds or due to some other circumstances beyond his/her control and he/she is in the list of selected candidates and his/her parents/guardian come in person on his/her behalf for verification of the original certificates of the selected candidates and pay the fees and submit the original certificates to the Institute he will be considered for provisional admission. His/her formal admission will be confirmed only after he/she is found medically fit and fulfils other requirements.

To fill vacancies arising out of the failure of appearance by the selected candidates, the sufficient number of candidates from the waiting list will also be called for interview. Such candidates will have to appear for the interview on the notified date at their own cost.

Candidates who fail to attend interview/ medical examination on the notified date and are also not represented by parents/guardian will have forfeited their claim for admission and placement in the waiting list.

No intimation about the non-selection will be sent and no correspondence in this regard will be entertained.

The admission of the candidates of other University/Board other than Kathmandu University will be only provisional subject to the recognition of their qualification by the K.U. In case, the Kathmandu University does not accord recognition for admission to the candidate on any ground, his/her provisional admission will be cancelled.

Candidates who have been admitted must join their classes on the date of commencement of classes.

The selection/admission is liable to be cancelled if the selected candidates do not report or join the classes on the stipulated date without prior permission.

In the matter of selection/admission, the decision of the college authority shall be final and anybody found to have produced forged, fabricated or manipulated documents will be expelled from the college cancelling his admission.

Other Information

The exposure to a variety of perspectives and experiences prepare students to care for patients from all walks of life and from every segment of society. Individuality, age, colour, gender, race, regional origin, religion, status, disability are not determinants of diversity and are not identified as unique characteristics during the admission process. The categories of students are:

  • Nepalese self-finance students
  • Nepali Scholarship Students
  • Other students

Nepalese Students

Admissions for self-financed Nepalese students are admitted through Kathmandu University’s written medical entrance test (KUMET) held during the month of June/July. The Kathmandu University (KU calls for applications in June-July each year. The advertisements appear in prominent National Dailies. Successful candidates are put on 3 merit lists – A, B & C. The College of Medical Sciences invites merit candidates from A.B.C lists for an interview, after which another merit list is drawn up and the admissions are based on this COMS merit list.


The Registrar, Kathmandu University, Kavre, Dhulikhel

Phone: 00977-11-661399 Fax: 00977-11-661443

email: [email protected]

Other Students:

The Admission for other students is given on the basis of marks obtained in the qualifying examination on the basis of merit so far. However, it is on the card that a selected test will be conducted soon for their selection. For quick communication, please use fax/ e-mail/ registered mail. Ensure that your postal address, email address/ phone/ fax numbers are on the admission application form. Based on the marks secured, students are offered provisional admission. A seat can be reserved on receipt of the first instalment of the fees.


The Ministry of Education & Sports sponsors twenty Nepalese students each year, NG/Nepal selected through an entrance test. Applications are invited through advertisements in national dailies during May-June every year.

For further details, contact

  • Keshar Mahal
  • Ministry of Education, Higher Technical Education Section
  • Phone: 01-4418783; Fax: 01-4414887

No tuition fees are charged from the NG/Nepal students. They pay hostels and mess charges if they utilize these services. They will have to pay the Kathmandu University fees as prescribed.

Courses Offered

Super Specialty Programs:

  • D.M. Cardiology 3 Years
  • D.M. Neurology 3 Years
  • D.M. Nephrology 3 Years
  • M.Ch. Urology 3 Years
  • M.Ch. Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgery 3 Years

Postgraduate Programs in Basic Medical Sciences (3 Years)

  • M.S. Anatomy 3 Years
  • M.D. Physiology
  • M.D. Biochemistry
  • M.D. Pathology
  • M.D. Microbiology
  • M.D. Pharmacology
  • M.D. Community Medicine
  • M.D. Forensic Medicine

Postgraduate Programs in Clinical Sciences ( 3 Years)

-M.D. General Medicine
-M.D. Paediatrics
-M.D. Anaesthesiology
-M.D. Radio- Diagnosis
-M.D. Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy
-M.S. General Surgery
-M.S. Orthopaedics
-M.D. Obstetrics & Gynaecology
-M.S. Otorhinolaryngology
-M.S. Opthalmology

Masters in Basic Medical Science Courses

-M.Sc. Biochemistry
-M.Sc. Microbiology & Applied Molecular Biology
-M.Sc. Physiology
-M.Sc. Anatomy

Undergraduate Nursing & Para Medical Courses

-B.Sc. Nursing
-B.Sc. Nursing (Post Basic)
-B.M.L.T 3 year staff Nurse & Pharmacy Programs

  • MBBS Programme | Duration: 4 1/2 years + 1-year internship

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