Basic Info


Dr. Yogendra Thakur Educational Academy Pvt. Ltd (DYTEA) Lahan, Siraha established in 2050 B.S. (1993 A.D.) runs community medicine assistant (CMA), Laboratory Assistant (Lab. Assistant) and Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) very efficiently since it has a lot of experiences, excellent planning, efficient and hardworking faculties strict yet student’s friendly administration, great infrastructure and every facilities to meet the demand of the students including separate laboratory facilities, library facilities, instructional room, demonstration halls, cafeteria, playground, easy transportation, session, expertise guest lectures and none the less affiliation with hospitals sectors and local NGOs.

Aims & Objectives

  • To build up ingenuity, self-assurance and constructive attitude inculcating decent values and moral standards in students.
  • To make them able to explore strength within with critical and creative insight instilling the capacity for both independent and collaborative work.

To introduce procedural proficiency, executive abilities and professional versatility required in this global village.

Vision Statement: 

We are to be established as a brand leader in health education sector of Nepal

Mission Statement:  Quality Education for all.


  • Quality Education in Affordable fee.
  • Rewarding and well experienced Faculties.
  • Convivial Hostels for Girls Separately.
  • Excellent Lab experiences
  • Outstanding Demonstrative Practices by well experienced demonstrators.
  • Strict Preservation of Discipline.
  • Appealing Academic Setting.
  • Outstanding Ambience
  • Research Classes by guest lecturers and external appointees.
  • Outstanding Library as per the need of the faculties.
  • Clean and exclusive cafeteria
  • Excellent natural ambience
  • Friendly and well experienced Faculties
  • Special activities by visitors


C.M.A/ Lab Assistant (15 Months)

Entrance:- Rs. 300

Admission:- Rs. 18,000 /-

Monthly:- Rs. 27,000 /-(Rs.1,800 X 15)

NHPC:- Rs. 200 /-

Registration Fee:- Rs. 700 /-

Final Exam:- Rs. 1,600 /-

Clinical  Fee:-  Rs. 3000 /-

Identity & Library Card:- Rs. 500 /-

OJT:- Rs. 3,000 /-

Total:- Rs. 54,300 /-


A.N.M (18 Months)

Entrance:- 300

Admission:- Rs. 23,000 /-

Monthly:- Rs. 41,400 /-(Rs.2,300 X 18)

NNC:- Rs. 500 /-

Registration Fee:- Rs. 700 /-

Final Exam:- Rs. 1,600 /-

Clinical Fee:- Rs. 4000 /-

Identity & Library Card:- Rs. 500 /-

OJT:- Rs. 3,000 /-

Total:- Rs. 75,000 /-

Dalit and deprived Muslim Girls get scholarship program from CTEVT through DYTEA since 3 Years

Other Info.

Responsible person: Mr. Santosh Kumar Sah,

Administrative Officer



  • PCL in General Medicine Health Assistant (HA)
  • TSLC in Community Medicine Assistant (CMA)
  • Auxiliary Nurse Midwife(ANM)
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