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HVP-Nepal Higher Secondary School, situated in Thali, Danchhi, Kathmandu, was established in 2046 B.S. by HVP Trust. Since it was established it has been providing quality education in accordance with the values of the organization. In response to the needs of students, guardians, and society, we have developed this school into a 1College college, now affiliated with the Higher Secondary Education Board (NEB). In recent years, we have implemented a 1College programme in Humanities and Management stream, unique among the HVP schools.

Hindu-Vidyapeeth Nepal (HVP) is an Educational Trust runs on a non-profit basis by Matribhoomi Sevek Sangh (MSS), a socio-cultural organization. In an age of growing materialism, fundamentalism and intolerance, HVP-Nepal is working to bring up a generation of people with holistic leadership qualities and clear visions, who can maintain and develop human virtues within and around them, such as peace, harmony and love in the form of international brotherhood and co-existence.


  • To provide students with a better education at a lower cost
  • To provide a strong education base for further study in Business Management and the Humanities
  • To develop skills in management and sociology, and enhance the students’ abilities in basic problem-solving
  • To create good and able citizens and produce the high-level manpower needed for different institutions, for both private and public sectors alike

Other Info

Hindu Vidyapeeth Nepal Higher Secondary School, intimate and inclusive by design, is unique in Nepal in that we are owned and run by qualified and experienced British educators. Girls and boys, aged 2-19, flourish here because of our commitment to small class sizes, individual attention and outstanding pastoral care within a warm, multicultural, family environment. By stimulating independent enquiry, intellectual curiosity and a love and respect for learning, we obtain extraordinary academic results and university placements. Of equal importance to us are sport and the creative and performing arts, community service and discipline.

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