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Milestone H.S.S

Basic info about the academy
📆 Established: 1973 A.D
🗺️ Lalitpur
☎️ 977-01-5539060, 5547582
📧 [email protected]
🌐 N/A
🏛️ Ownership: Private
🎓 Affiliation: NEB, Tribhuvan University (T.U.)

About Milestone H.S.S

Milestone Int’l College is managed by the Himal Educational Foundation and Research Center Pvt. Ltd. It is established by a group of people having expertise in education in their respective fields and social workers. Milestone Int’l College has carved a niche for itself among the better colleges in the county. It aims to create this institution as a centre of excellence.

The foundation has two three-storied buildings, constructed on its own nine ropanies of land and ensures sustainability of the required infrastructures. The college is centrally located nearly 100 meters inside the Ring Road at Balkumari, Lalitpur. The college has every conceivable appurtenance that stakeholders, especially students, look for.

The faculty and the staffers at the Milestone Int’l College are among the best in their respective fields. Besides expertise, they bring a rare degree of empathy that transforms students into outstanding executives and leaders.

Milestone Int’l College aims to develop itself as one of the best educational institutions in the country. It puts its best efforts to empower students by imparting knowledge through modern tools of teaching and learning.

Career Counseling and Facilitation Services
Milestone Int’l College recognizes that while its mission is education, it is important to provide a good start to one’s own career. The career counseling and facilitation services division of Milestone Int’l College provides opportunities to students to appear before the best of recruits, provides training and counseling on an as needed basis, and ensures that each student has an opportunity to gain a head start in terms of professional career.

Besides class-room theoretical teaching, respective teachers will encourage student(s) to prepare filed and research based project papers, which will enable them to gain confidence and improve their writing skills. The college has a library with volumes of reference books, journals and periodicals with unlimited internet facility, well-equipped science laboratory and good transportation system for the students.

Milestone Int’l College offers special scholarship package to deserving students, including the meritorious one, martyrs and the students from marginalized communities. Fee structure is relatively moderate and affordable in Science, Humanities and Commerce faculties.


  • Library
    Library is the repertoire of knowledge and information. Milestone has a well- managed library with enough textbooks, reference materials, research articles, journals and unlimited internet facility. Students can use the internet facility as per their requirement.

  • Science Lab
    Milestone Int’l College has well-equipped, separate and spacious labs for physics, chemistry and biology.

  • Computer Lab
    Milestone Int’l College has a high-tech computer lab with a reliable networking system.

  • Classrooms
    We accommodate limited number of students in a spacious classroom.

  • Transportation
    The college has a fleet of buses providing services to the students at affordable cost.

  • Cafeteria
    The college has a modern cafeteria which serves delicious and fresh breakfast, meal, bakeries, tea and coffee, cold drinks and snacks.

  • Hostel
    The college provides separate hostels for boys and girls with well-furnished single/double rooms, bathrooms, spacious playground, and provision of round-the clock security, emergency medical care and house-keeping facilities.


  • 2 in Science Stream Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, English, Computer Science and Nepali.

Management Stream
English, Nepali, Accountancy, Economics, Mathematics, Hotel Management, Boom, Travel and Tourism, Computer Science and Marketing.

Humanities Stream
English, Nepali, Sociology, Mass Communication, Journalism, Major English and Contemporary Society.


Category Fee waive
SLC Board toppers (top 10) 100% (both tuition and admission fee)
85% and above 100% in admission fee and 60% in tuition fee
80% and above 75% in admission fee and 40% in tuition fee
75% and above 40% in admission fee and 25% in tuition fee
70% and above 25% in admission fee and 10% in tuition fee
Girls (above 75%) 50% in admission fee and 30% in tuition fee
Milestone entrance topper (Boy and Girl each) 50% in admission fee and 25% in tuition fee
Milestone entrance second topper (Boy and Girl each) 40% in admission fee and 15% in tuition fee
Milestone entrance third topper (Boy and Girl each) 30% in admission fee and 10% in tuition fee
Underprivileged group (First 10) 50% in admission fee and 10% in tuition fee
Remote area (First 10) 50% in admission fee and 10% in tuition fee
School topper (First 20) 50% in admission fee
Martyr’s son/daughter (First 5) 100% in admission fee and 25% in tuition fee
Disable student (First 5) 100% in admission fee
District level award winner player (First 5) 50% in admission fee

For Class XII

Category Fee waive
Above 90% in Grade XI Board Exam 100% in both admission fee and tuition fee
Milestone topper in Grade XI Board Exam 100% in admission fee and 50% in tuition fee
Above 85% in Grade XI Board Exam 100% in admission fee and 25% in tuition fee
Above 80% in Grade XI Board Exam 50% in admission fee and 10% in tuition fee
Above 75% in Grade XI Board Exam 25% in admission fee

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