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Princeton International Higher Secondary School

Basic info about the academy
📆 Established: 2001 A.D
🗺️ Shantinagar, Kathmandu
☎️ 01-4107901, 01-4107902, 01-4107903
📧 [email protected]
🌐 http://princeton.edu.np/
🏛️ Ownership: Private
🎓 Affiliation: NEB

About Princeton International Higher Secondary School

Princeton International Higher Secondary School, located at the heart of the capital city, Kathmandu, was established in 2001 AD under Princeton Education Foundation Pvt. Ltd. It is a co-educational institute founded by highly proficient and celebrated academicians in home and abroad. It caters education from the kindergarten to Higher Secondary (+2) level with the plan to upgrade its academic plan to university-level courses in the near future.

Princeton is committed in its endeavours to inculcate positive thinking, etiquettes, sense of responsibility, democratic norms and values and humanitarian conscience in the hearts and inquisitive minds of young learners. Our programs are designed in a way that provides opportunity to every student from Pre-primary to Grade XII to realize their potential and strive for excelling life skills, attitude and knowledge during school life founding a strong base for academic and professional career.

Princeton sturdily believes in its Princetonian way that incorporates innovative and creative approaches to educate the new generation of students who eventually learn to think, collaborate and communicate under the leadership and vigilant supervision of it’s competent, experienced and faculty members in a learner-friendly, vibrant and stimulating learning environment.

Vision, Mission and Goal

Princeton International Higher Secondary School (PIHSS) has been established with an objective to lay a strong foundation in plus two (+2) level, making students disciplined, self-reliant and competent in choosing their academic disciplines in future which in turn will assure them a lifetime success.

Moreover, its objective is not only to provide practical based education but it is also committed to produce dedicated, disciplined, competent and talented citizens of the country. It has placed importance on producing good citizens rather than producing great citizens only. Thus, it has taken education not simply as an intellectual gymnastics but also has aimed at developing the entire personality of the students. Its butt rests upon enlightening our beings from the darkness of illiteracy and immorality dragging them from falsity to truth i.e. “TAMASO MA JYOTIRGAMAY, ASHTO MA SADGAMYA”.

Our plus two (+2) programme has been designed to provide world-class education with practice-based learning environment under comprehensive guidance of experts and professionals. It will certainly cater to the academic needs of individual students imparting with positive attitudes in the minds of our students aiming at fulfilling high ethical standards and values, making students responsible towards society and the nation. Our well-planned and comprehensively co-ordinated academic activities are sure to ensure each student to achieve his/her personal and professional goals through extensive knowledge. After completion of plus two level educations, students will be comparatively eligible to enter a global standard of education.

Our Beliefs and Values

The academic environment that Princeton creates and maintains promotes life skills, positive attitude and sense of responsibility that are grounded in our values: Respect of Self, Respect of Others, Respect of Learning and Respect of Hard Work.

In addition, Princeton promotes the values of respecting the rights of all individuals and prohibiting discrimination based on caste, race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, marital or family status, religion, physical or mental disability, gender or sexual orientation, in its community.

Step one: Entry requirement
Students having secured a minimum 65 percent mark in the SLC examination with Optional Mathematics combination are eligible to procure the form for the Science stream.

Students having secured a minimum 60 percent mark in the SLC examinations are eligible to procure the form for the Management stream

Step two: Application form
Duly filled up admission form with the following documents needs to be submitted within the given time-frame mentioned at the time of form collection.

  • Attested copy of marksheet of SLC examination
  • Two recently taken passport size photos
  • Character certificate from the previous school
  • Recommendation letter/s from previous school
  • Copies of certificates/awards achieved
  • Note: The admission form should be filled up in complete with all necessary information provided failing which the application is considered void.

Step three: Entrance examination
A two hours entrance examination will be conducted on the announced date .

Question format for entrance examination will include primarily multiple choice questions and some structure based question for English.

Courses Offered

  • 10+2 Humanities
  • 10+2 Management
  • 10+2 Science

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