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SOS Hermann Gmeiner Higher Secondary School

Basic info about the academy
📆 Established: 1973 A.D
🗺️ Bhaktapur
☎️ 6630391
📧 [email protected]
🌐 N/A
🏛️ Ownership: Private
🎓 Affiliation: NEB

About SOS Hermann Gmeiner School

SOS Hermann Gmeiner School Sanothimi was established in 1973 with a prime motto of providing best possible quality education. It is named after the pious name of Prof. Hermann Gmeiner, the founding Father of SOS Children’s Village International. This school is one of the ancillary facilities of SOS Children’s Village Nepal and of course, the pioneer one in the development of SOS Hermann Gmeiner Schools in Nepal.The school is located in Sanothimi, adjacent to the SOS Children’s Village Sanothimi. A road, leading from Kathmandu to the historical city Bhaktapur, passes by the school. It is approximately 10 km east from the centre of the capital. The location is very beautiful. The city of Kathmandu and a range of snow-capped mountains can be viewed from the school area. The climate is pleasant here round the year. It occupies about 40 ropanies of land including secondary and primary wings. The primary level and secondary level are separately located to the either side of SOS Children’s Village. The site was donated by the Nepalese government. In the 1970s, Sanothimi was in a rather rural set-up, but now it has become a part of city. There are many educational institutions and all most all departments under ministry of education. It will be appropriate to term this area as an Academic Estate..This school was Initially established as an elementary school with 75 students and almost all SOS Children. As per the changed policy of SOS Children’s Village and the acute need of the local community, the school started moving towards its upgrading and expansion. Until 2045 (1989 A.D.) it was only a lower secondary school , then it was upgraded to the secondary school. The first batch of the students appeared the SLC Examination in 2047 B.S.(1991 A.D.) . It remained upto the secondary level for some years . In 2054 B.S. (1998A.D.) the school was again upgraded to the higher secondary level. Because of the thriving reputation of the school, the flow and pressure for admission tremendously raised and it was especially true in case of the higher secondary level. As to address the need and demand of the aspiring and deserving students, arrangement of additional classes both in class XI and XII was made in 2006. Now it is a full-fledged secondary school, in its full capacity, with 825 students and 66 teaching and non-teaching staff. This school caters the children from Nursery (4+) to class 12 (18+).
educational facilities.
This school has a sound educational environment . It has spacious and well ventilated classrooms. Average number of students in each class is forty. In the library, there are adequate course books, reference books, newspapers, magazines and periodicals . The science laboratory is well-equipped with the related materials. There are separate labs for chemistry , physics and biology. The computer lab is another attraction of the school. It has updated computer sets with internet facilities. All the students, starting from the nursery, have an access to the computer lab. An audio-visual room, equipped with Power Point Presentation and modern audio facility , has been quite useful in delivering the classes with modern approach. We have now a team of 47 teachers who are qualified and well-experienced in their respective fields. Individual attention is paid to each and every student so that any strength or weakness innate in him/her can be identified.

+2 in science

Around 1500 students with distinction or above 70 % of marks in the SLC Examination sit for the admission. However, the seat limit in class XI is 80 and the same students continue in class XII. Entrance examinations for Nursery and class VI are generally held in the first week of Chaitra i.e. third week of March every year. Similarly, the admission for class XI is announced after the declaration of the results of SLC Examination. Priority is given to the students from the feeder community and especially to those who are socially and economically down-trodden. Girls, Dalits, conflict victim children and physically challenged children do get preference. Educational Scholarship is also granted on these grounds.

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