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Book Keeping

Book keeping is an art of keeping systematic and permanent record of day to day financial transaction of business firm performed by them in a set of books in chronological order. It is a science of keeping systematic and regular records of business transactions so that they can be located whenever required.

Definition of book keeping by R.N Charter, “Book keeping is a science and art of correctly recording in the books of accounts, all those business transactions that result in the transfer of money and money’s worth”.

Objectives or functions of book keeping are as listed below:

1. To identify financial transaction
Business firm performs various financial and non-financial transactions during the course of business operation. Book keeping helps in identifying the financial transaction in order to keep their records.

2. To keep permanent record
Book keeping keeps the permanent records of financial transactions that take place in the business during an accounting period in a systematic manner.

3. To classify transactions
Book keeping records all the identified transactions in journal entries simultaneously it classifies them into personal account, real account and nominal account through ledger.

4. To prepare statement
The motive of establishing the business organization is to earn profit. Thus, the main objective of book keeping is to find out the result i.e. Profit and Loss.

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