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A Letter to Mother

Written by Neeraj Baral

Jumping and Playing in Your lap,
Giving you trouble I used to clap,
Slowly and slowly as each day passed,
You taught me what life was all about.

Do you remember the days we spent together?
I wished that you would stay for ever
But my wish is all in vain
As you will never come back again.

Why did you ever leave me alone?
In this wretched world, all on my own;
Ignoring my helpless, pitiful ones,
And throwing me in a dungeon admits despise.

In the dream always you come,
When I awake, you are gone,
My eyes with intense sorrow start getting wet.
I can never hear your enchanting vain.

Remembering the days that you passed by,
I can’t bear and begin to cry,
I will always love you mother;
Forever, forever, forever
And forever…

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