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Anger - a poem by Sakar

Written by Sakar Poudel

Oh! Anger is your enemy,
They are your death.
Anger makes you famish,
Moreover takes off your fate.

Anger comes and ruins your life,
With their full rule,
You can never fight,
Nevertheless, you can just die.

Intact anger is sickness,
For which your money has no value.
To make your sickness away,
You show your temper on others concord.

Anger makes you blind,
And never makes you know your blindness.
However when you realize,
You would be hanging in a branch.

Anger comes and ruins your life,
Until you realize what to do.
You would have a great friendship
That is with your arch rival- anger.

Dear friends and lovely ones,
So never, mind what problem you have
For you have your parents beside you,
They are your partner of joy and sorrow.

Anger comes and never goes,
Instead, it is a virus,
This is of different nature,
And makes you fell throe.

Anger according to me is stronger than drugs,
Through which you can never come back.
Your felling of avenging will increase,
Which causes you trouble.

Anger invents its own supreme court,
In which you yourself would be judge!
However, you have only one sentence in your divine book-
The sentence of death after which none has returned.

When anger comes there is no peace,
Intact there come annoyance
And you can hear the cries
Intact cries of your own.

Some people are just crazy,
To show that they are spitfire,
And thinks this is the anger,
Which ruled this world till date.

Anger shows you the path of mortality,
Not nativity,
So mind you’re injudicious,
And try to be judicious.
Your vex may ruin others silence,
Moreover, brings chaos.
Your acquit will surely bring joy,
However, your penalize will obviously bring sorrow.

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