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Beautiful Way - a poem by Krishna

Written by Krishna Sapkota

I just want to go
on the way to the mountains
on the way to the river
many people say
It’s too high form them
It’s too long for them
but I say
It’s challenge to live
It’s an experience to be happy
It’s my way it’s my life
When I am at the top
I see the life down.
I see the worries of people
They say we are at the top
They say we are everything
But I say for me
It’s a choice less satisfaction
It’s a white illusion
When I am with the river
I see myself up and down
I find myself deep and water
I find them it’s pleasure
beacause my moment is with music
my ending is ultimate
So these days I am happy
And I say for me
It’s beautiful way
It’s my beautiful life
Its my way, it’s my life.

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