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Written by Sankar Dev

Great Mahana Generasion was med by chanakya . Chanakya is one scullar farsiged with Distracalpi person with Ecsonomic and politice depolimetic book . Krimahadhharti within kingdom because His disrespect was don, after this he took the bid of Binas. His chandragupthi’s throme .He pat him in the throne an and he did his derm fall. He lend Mansa-Bangsa and made one Maurra Heratica Gereralasion. Chanakya was the covetries screrginity lover. So only he toah out chandragretaa throw unik fight out of India. After this Nanda Haratica generalycion terriosion give live .

Actharaya Chandragupthi Indian in Hestory sorwasit first pratapadin . Which known was fin now too . In some school has token his books in the corce too. He was born in a poor family .His one name was Sadad Bishraguttha also. Chanduagupthi wad learn in the good school ‘Thachhald got a good Knodwladge In 14 yeaf only after this knodage in 256 year only in social help , politic, science and Economic passed dnodwladge . In Namandas he startas The politic are helpful to him .In India he is known Makaibli’s Chandragreta name was politic pretriotist and to do work in the work was good . In 2300 year was gon and he gaurabghata. In the bacic of diplomacy and culture he had written a nobble.

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