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Cries - a poem by Sakar

Written by Sakar Poudel

Cries are of different nature
Some cries are for happiness,
This shows you are contented
However, these same cries are for sorrow,
This shows you are offend
However all these cries make you relax?

Sad cries are painful
This cry makes your well-wishers cry along with you
Moreover, it is the happy cries
This makes your well-wishers happy
Cries are for different reasons
For which has frequently happened.

Dear friends and lovely ones
Our life is full of cries
Which we know just when we are born
For there is no child born without crying
If a child don’t cry after his birth
Then it is said to be something wrong.

Child the child grows and is above 7 years:
Then they think my parents are jinee
They give me anything that I ask with them
If that thing I do not get then I can just cry
And that will be just enough for my parents,
To get the thing which I desire for.

When the child grows and is about 10 years old:
Then they think as they are at the top of the world
They think as if they get anything that they desire
They have a simple request and then them just crying
And if they don’t get doing so then
They sleep in the street and start crying louder.

When the child grows and is above 13 years old:
They transform themselves into spitfire
They are not under the control of their parents
However, they try to keep their parents in control
They show their temper on their parents
To see that it makes those unlucky parents cry loud.

When the child grows and is above 18 years:
They start to take full hinder
Of their parents friendly love and affection
They show their temper on their parents
They make their parents live in horror
Those unlucky parents cry to see their child bad habits.

When the same child turns into adult:
He would have been already married
This is when he start to loosen his temper
This is when the baby born
He start shouting at his child
Who again is seen with tears in his eyes, crying loudly?

When the same person is above 60:
He would have taken retirement
And may be leaving alone
Away from his family
Then he start thinking about his family
And start crying.

When the same person life comes to end
Then all of his child gather at graveyard
Bidding their father final good bye
At that time we can see tears on everyone eyes
This is because of love he has given though at some point he shouted
Intact he is their parents.

Life is full of cries
Weather that is happy cries or sad ones
These all makes us happy or sad
God has given us capacity to cry
Because we have feelings
Which we can show with the help of cries.

Women’s are frequently seen filled with tears
And they are the one who is seen with smile in their face
But how come this two characteristics in same person
This is because they have soft heart
Even a small things makes a women cry
And same is to make her smile.

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