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Education, Is it business?

Written by Saroj Paudel

Education is believed to be originated from Latin word ‘Educo’ which mean “I educate” or “I train”.

Nowadays this word with beautiful meaning has become very interesting topic to study because it has being merged with the other interesting topic, i.e. business. It is interesting to know that there are thousands of schools and colleges in cities but there are rare educational institutes in rural areas where the hands responsible for the future Nepal keep themselves busy raring sheep and cows. It is interesting to know that boarding and schools are built in rapid state but literacy rate is in old turtle’s motion. These facts are the main consequences of retarding education sector.

“Schools teaching Science without lab facility”

The given is the crop-out of one news article published in THT of 23rd May, 2013 which clearly states the condition of education. There are many gofer turned founder principals running schools and colleges who have slapping fee structure, providing no quality education. Many schools have changed into business centre where principal act as Manager, teachers act as salesmen and students as loyal daily visitors who buy education (rot-based) which have less than a year warranty.

In reality there are about quarter of educational institutes which run business based education. Except many exceptions, some colleges / schools are not based in the principle of “I train” rather based on “I get trained”. Guardians and parents, whose sixty – four thousand dollar questions are related to scholarship scheme, are not aware of quality education. Lack of differentiation capacity of them between best, good, bad and worst has motivated other people to start their own business in education field. These types of unaware behavior of public can lead to a person, failing from liquor business, to open educational institute and start new business.

Studying about this problem in education sector, it is clear that it is the responsibility of government and general public to stop business-in-education and to stop ‘education’ being ‘edu-cash-on!’ by motivating concerned authorities to establish educational institutions which provide quality education to children.

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