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Written by Bikranta Bikram Kharel

Hollow was my dear heart, before you came…
Shallow was my poor feelings, befor you came….
Months had passed befor i smiled last….
Now that i’m happy, i hope thts just the cast..!

Yours is the only name, that i murmur now…
In no time, we became close,i cnt figure how??
All i figure is baby,with you that i’m so fine….
All i wish is baby, you’l make my moon shine..!!

I’m always mesmerized by the kiss which u give….
I want to share u dear, the life that i live….
Where i can share your joy and rub ur mournful tears…
You cant imagine the happines this heart bears….!!

Baby you are my spring morning, you are my autumn day…
When i thnk of u dear, i’m ful of joy and gay….
I want to be in your arms,in the chiling winter nights….
If my heart is mountain baby, nobody else can reach that height..!!!

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