His eyes, glazed with fire, 😍
could have burned everyone. πŸ”₯
No one dared to face him, 😳
and She? She feared no one. 😎

They warned her to stay away 🚫
he too maintained the distance. 🀚
Why would she listen them, 😏
Her heart had its own stance. πŸ˜‹

Never had she felt in ages, πŸ™…
but his eyes did the magic. 🌬️
Yes, she finally fell in β€œlove” πŸ’ž
to which, once she was allergic. πŸ˜‹

Confession of the feeling was the hardest 😨
Toughest was to keep it inside, 😷
Questioning eyes and thudding heartbeat πŸ€”
calmed the moment, she became his bride. πŸ‘°

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