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Late Mange Skar

Written by Sankar Dev

LATA MANGE SKAR was the sining in the it is so on name. Who could not be and has not been too. In her voice which Madhurtha and nice. This is very hard to find. Which she was minister of Indida which also a singer. Who also got forward in the out of India too. She has sing more then 30,000 of sing .they all are in Indian langause. LATA MANGE SKAR her forward singing with singer from her are not satisfided her only sing she got her more on her diry.

She had got theprise of helping country.She is selected for Rastyan Shaba too. The kin of India has given the prize of PRADDHUMACHI. SHE HAD GOT MANY FIMAYRESS AWARD IN 1969 1358 1960 1965 ALSO. She had also been in World famous peoples book . From MADDHAPRRADESS Kingdoom also she has got 1lakh in each year too. LATA Yaddhgar sing many sings in flime they are : Annarkali Mughala Aggama Bis Shar Band Ammar Prem Khamus Mahabha Ghill ka was par Assha Prem Roge Savagram Gurmana Swattha Ake Dhuko Lia etc.

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