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Lest We Die

Take everything you may,
Blood and bones, sticks and stones
As you have done and will do so
there is never a doubt,
We will kill for you
We will die for you, rape and torture for you
not because of love or fear or anything
but because,
Born from and into slavery,
we will die as slaves and never ending servitude
and you The Masters
there is no doubt, we are yours
Forever, everything we own
is yours
every thing!
You own us!

And yes, we won’t fight back!
Yes, we Will remain resilient
You will remain masters,
Yet, you fear us
You shall always fear us,
whence does come hope
That this will change
That your fears will come to become
that being resilient does not pay
that fighting back does and will repay
See, you do not own hope
or dreams
Its just the body you do,
The body that was never alive
but our spirit!
Our spirit shall live on!

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