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Life as you like it

Written by Anand Mittal

“Nothing is permanent except change,” how true it is. Even the theory of flux tells us that change is impossible to avoid in life. What is life? Is it an experience of frightful sights or an achievement of longing desires? Is it an ever-growing process of change from childhood to adolescence and to adulthood. We are always transforming ourselves. Life is a football field where each one wants the ball; to shot in the goal-post. And that is impossible, as there are hardships to face. Similarly, in life, no one is perfectly happy or totally depressed. Life is a challenge that has to be accepted with pride and not fear. There is a wonderful saying, “Life is a comedy for those who fell it and a tragedy for those who see it.” So, one should feel the essence of life. He shouldn’t be satisfied unless he achieves something. Try and surely you would get it. Every moment in life is to be remembered and cherished (to love and to be protected), through there are at times disappointments. Believe in the policy-stay cool, be happy today and always remain so. You will find then a great difference in your life.

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