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Memorable Dream

Written by Sakar Paudel

Mary has a dream that one day in a peace and dark night one of unseen man appears in front of her. When she was walking here and there for seeking her beloved who had already died. That new man encountered at once, Mary screamed, shouted, and closed her eyes since she was quite frightened. Her body started to shake and that new man slightly torched her body, caused her to be emotional, she gave a slapped to him. Sharp, hard, and fierce blow of her hand made that falling down hardly on ground. She hesitantly woke up and ran away and away instantly a great river appears in front of her, it become hard to cross the river. She sat on a flat stone of the bank of the river. She was getting tired too, she could do nothing, and her body was being sweaty. She felt that struck of her heart beat gigantic falling sound of a tree and thundering the sky with lightening suppose all environment is going to gallop to her but she peak up her all energy from her inner heart to control herself in this moment a man came near to her from the middle of the river and suggest to her not to be on stone because it is a stone of witch. He picked up her and gave red rose flower. She takes it but throw it in the river. After she throw it man give a real identity that he was her beloved who was already dead few years ago when suddenly the ringing of the door bell woke her up. It was an unforgettable dream of Mary who could get her beloved at lest in her dream after his death as well.

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