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Memorable Dream-II

Written by Sakar Paudel

Mary has a dream that one day she wanted to have her job in highly respected post of doctor. One day she got a notice from a peculiar man who was wearing old clothes; having dirty cap on his head. When she saw him, she tried to move away. At the same time, that old man sympathized and told her not to be worried. He explained about himself and told that he has been from heaven, tomorrow you must go to Mahankal temple, there you would see almost dilapidated statue of Lord Gagubhai. You better take some flowers, fruits, worship there with red tika, and make it neat and clean. If you do it continuously, you will get fruitfulness of your ambitions. As told, Mary also did it for three months. In the curse of her time of worshiping, she used to get torture from different animals, monsters, etc. However, she keeps it up but her health was being too bad. She prayed continuity as said repeatedly but to get nothing in return. But still, she thought that she has been being able repeatedly. She finally used to get red flower from unknown space, she become happy herself and started to worship same god again and again. Nevertheless, what she was thinking to have, as a boon of Lord. It was just a glooming morning with the melodious sounds of different birds and insects. At the same time she got phone, which awaken her, she has been selected for the post of doctor came the answer. This was the most unforgettable dream for Mary.

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