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Mother - a story by Kripesh

Mother, first and greatest teacher, a teacher of love, compassion and fearlessness. A truest friend, she is our consolation in distress, hope in misery, strength in weakness and a true source of love, mercy, sympathy and leniency. Even our shadow leaves us in darkness but our mother would be the only one who remains with us in every rise and fall-sun, wind or rain-fertile or desert-to sum up, she is with us ceaselessly.

The nature of nature is change. We live in a world which is dynamic. From science to weather, everything changes. Anything that doesn’t change is the care of a mother. In my life journey of 15 years I have seen some of the occurrence which has left evidence on the elegant love of a birth-giver.

Every living creature is born, he lives and dies. Throughout this usual rule, every mother is not that fortunate to depart from this world before her child breathes his last. Once I was misfortuned to monitor such a harsh situation where I got to witness sorrow of a mother who had just lost her child because of an accident. He was a good friend of mine but I felt more sorrow for that mother who was completely drenched in tears rather than my friend who had just departed. Her every falling tears added weight to my chest. After nearly four years from that incident she have learned to pretend forgetting him but still when anyone talks about him, she can’t stop her tears.

It’s amazing how much in love a mother can be with her child. From my youngest years till this moment here I have never seen anything more tangible than care of a mother. Even if we use all the mesmerizing words ever invented, it is impossible to define love of a mother in words.

Even in this forward-looking era, I have come across many ‘parvatis’ who can struggle with the whole globe for their child but there would be tinge in a million children who would do the same for their parents. Many old age homes full of lashed out parents do the conformation of such a situation exist between us.

It is true that we are enduring in an ultra-modern and avant-garde period but the fact that we have forgotten our humanity also can’t be denied. Repaying mother’s love back is not merely an option but a duty of every child. There is nothing for us to swank about our lightening era if we are to forget our responsibility towards our most closest creature. We have done enough corporal development which has undoubtedly eased our life but now it’s time for us to develop our self, our spirits and our humanity.

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