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My Friend, My Book

Written by Sahira Shrestha

I have spent 12 years of my life spending time with you. Every time I look at myself I see your impression in me. You are the one who helped me to connect network among the strangers who are my friends today. Every moment with you inspires me to get along the situation and face it. Sometimes you even tempted to misguide me, but your previous guidelines were so good that the bad influences couldn’t even touch me.
And you are my companion my Books. I have spent thousands of hours reading hundreds of books that has created a new identity in me.You have readily changed your look from adventurous to romance, encyclopedia to mythology and history to geography, encouraging me to make connections with more of your varieties. You have helped me to enrich my vocabulary and uplift my imagination that has become a boon for my present.You have stamped an imprint in me that makes me think of you every time.

You are my parents instructing me to choose right from wrong. You are my teacher leading me to new experiences and events. You are my friend, who’ll never leave my hand and stay with me forever.

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