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Perm Chand

Written by Sankar Dev

Indian Popular storyteller and novetist, Perm chand started his writing action since 1897, Perm chand’s Story was Sansanka sabse Anmd Ratea and Jamana 1901 also published. Sofe wtan 1907 was come in light full of national love; Nationality. Which was capture by government . Amarupnyash pratighy, Sewasadan, Premsram , Rorhagbhurni, karmabhinumi , Godan , kayaklpa ,Gaban,etc. Poblished later. Storys Mansarobar. Mansarobar is collected in 8th amang his stories . He influenced from Manatmaha Gandhi’s Violent Movenebt, whose impression soon in his writting . He edited ‘Maryadai’ and ‘Jagaran’. He himself poblished hans Newspaper

He was born in Banarsi in poor family . His real name was Dhanaoatrya and He was known as Navaraya in urdu . All Hindi writing were known from his name prem chand . He gave his All life in letture writing. Prem cand is known as laurate in hindi. Poorness and lack are seen in his writings. Living carrecterstick of indtant time, socity, Politics canfiction are soon in his writings. So, in India Prem chand writing naver clearly reminding. He died in 1936 in 56 year. His died is also poor as his life.

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