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Please Don’t Write

Written by Jonas Beesta

Over the river polished stone
Surrounded by earthen bones
round the obliteration that wrote
‘Please don’t write here’
And we wrote
That went and came along
like the precious we poured
over the whitened slippery stone
of intoxication we wrote
the depths of the universe and multiverse
contained in marijuana, we sought
Tireless long puffs from the lungs
to the heart
From the heart
To the brain
we wrote and quote
about love
We wrote about love
Contained in a woman’s heart
that we felt alienated
We gazed and contemplated
stared and felt amazed
just by the idea
that a woman’s bosom was in fact
a place where marijuana died out
that could absorb the bitterest of tears
the sorrowful of loneliness
And insurmountable self doubts
as we contemplated profoundly
smoking burnt out lungs at the edge of the world
lighting dabbed cigarettes one by one
the paranoids, the schizophrenics
psycho therapists, juggling fanatics
Suicidal wave victims, depressing anxieties
Again we wrote
We wrote of deaths of brothers and sisters
Fate decided at the end of a gunpoint
bodies on earth half alive half buried
Green men shooting green men
green men raping green women
ungreen women raped by green men
green flying saucers circling
With black guns firing
Yellow shells in red boastfully bathing
while mothers wept
while fathers in coma slept
while wives cried their hearts out- none left
and some stayed in the edge of the world
smoking and lighting dabbed cigarettes
died out marijuana, died out hearts
half alive, our bodies contained
And we wrote.
We wrote of daughters being sold by their fathers
being raped by pedophiles, innocent and senile
Men, waving the menstruated flag
that gave birth to a dead nation
of dignified men
Balls hanging cockless men
Strode the street of the dead nation
we wrote of their balls and of their cocks
their chivalry and dead victories
cockless men sitting and smoking
ink filled cocaine in their offices
with the menstruated flags waving
At the great big audience gathering and clamoring
and we stood at the edge of the world
smoking dabbed cigarettes with died out marijuana
on the edge of the world that wrote
‘Please Don’t Write’

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