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Questions to the Queen Bee

Written by Divinemaniac (Bikas Paneru)

I’m staring out the window,
the rainfall makes me feel alive far off where the trees are at,
the bees are playing in their hives.

Which game are they playing? I wonder,
Are they playing “hide and seek” or “hide from the thunder” ?

I wonder what the queen of the hive is doing now…
Is she just sitting on a chair while her underlings bow?
Or is she being carried by the bees, as the winds blow?
Is she fat?
Is she slow?
Is she a sumo wrestler with a deadly throw?
And does she ever pluck her eye brows?
Does she have a separate room where she changes?
Can she tolerate the bees who bring with them the Earth’s stenches?
Or is she slim, like a beauty queen.
Is she every bee’s dream, but in ruins?
Is she frank and does she smile?
Does she record every bee’s activities in a file?
I have a lot of questions, but will she answer?
Will she smile or act like a necromancer?
And how am I even supposed to recognize her?
How she looks and how she is, I still don’t have an answer.

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