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Sacrifice - a story by Roshan

Written by Roshan Bhandari

Once upon a time in a small town of Nepal, there lived Rakesh and Sital. They were teenagers and were madly in love with each other. Rakesh always dreamed ofgoing to the USA, therefore he always kept on filling DV forms.

The year, when he passed +2, he was lucky because he was selected in DV. However, there was a problem…two persons were selected for a single vacancy and the DV company would send only one of them! So, Rakesh went to the company to see who the other person was or may be he could negotiate with that person…but when he saw the name, he was shocked. It was Sital’s name!! He was happy for her as well as sad for himself. Anyway he was ready to sacrifice his dreams for his lover and her family! He said to the company officer-“i will like to withdraw my name..give it to other person”. The officer told him to come next day for signing the papers.

Rakesh went home. He thought to congratulate Sital suprisingly next day while signing the papers so he didn’t call her. Before sleeping, he cried several times because Sital would now go to USA with her family forever. However, he was happy for her!
Next morning…when he woke up…the world had broken for him…Sital was dead…in fact, she had given her life…
In an unconscious manner, he reached Sital’s home, there, near to her dead body, he found a letter for him…it was Sital’s handwriting:
“yesterday, I saw you talking to the DV officer in the company! I know you had withdrawn your name just for me! And you know, dear, I can never go USA leaving you here, and I know, you’ll never go to the USA as long as I am alive! I don’t wanna be the obstacles of your dreams..therefore i am …. .. Please do not hesitate to fulfill your dream now..and promise me that you’ll never cry for me…please promise me….

I will be watching you all the time from the sky..

Love you and take care…

Yours.. …Sital!

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