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Spreading Humanity by Abhinandan Devkota

“We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery, we need humanity. More than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness.”—Charle Chaplin.

From the beginning of the world with human to this era, people still gets more attracted to the love, kind and affection rather than success, money and fame. Bitter truth: people show they are brave and need no humanity. Though there is humanity in people, it’s like iceberg phenomena. As Charlie Chaplin says we indeed think too much and feel too little. For the survival, human had been turned into machinery as the emotions are considered to be hindrance to height of fame. The saying goes: It’s better to cry in Lamborghini than on the bicycle. Ouch! The irony. Happiness, love, care are nothing compared to today’s cash, card and gadgets. Missiles, rockets, robots, gadgets( mobiles/laptops/watches) has been upgraded. But what about hospitals, schools and monasteries or other care providers?

Let’s just precise one’s life….

Set the alarm, wake up, get dressed (shower if u can or even grab a breakfast of you are fast enough) then rush. Reach the working place, work for hours and return back home tired enough to throw yourself to bed. When the month goes by then you will realise nothing new had been added to life. It’s just home-office-home. Where is human here? Where is humanity? What about life? Happiness? The more we take, the less there is for future generations. Our mother earth has enough to fulfill one’s need but not greed and we are never satisfied because of our greed.

So, why can’t we, for once, leave the greed for our sake, for the human sake? The first and foremost thing for human is to love, to care and to be kind. Humanity distinguishes the human from other beings. But being human solely doesn’t mean they possess humanity. In today’s money-oriented world, people try to show off humanity in order to gain famous. That’s greed! Greed for promotion, success and limelight. Mother Teresa is one of the best human kind with the best form of humanity. The act she showered those era is still a inspiration to today’s world.

Recently, the disease broke out. There has been a series of disaster, I would say. Earthquake, Australian Bush fire, Amazon rainforest fire and now the pandemic. Mother earth is sick, damn polluted with these mishaps. Though she is healing herself, she needs humankind to save the beings living here. This pandemic has taught us a great lesson. It’s upto us now to revive ourself and be loving, caring and helping. China, especially Wuhan, had been in painful state and so has been Italy and America. These places once were the powerful ones, now they are crying over the disaster. Other countries are struggling to help each other to overcome the pandemic. The office, transportation, malls, shops everything in every corners had been shut down leaving the hospital and pharmacies to open. The mask are being costlier. Everyone is lockdown inside their house apart from medical personnel. Today , no religion can say “I’m superior” because the disease sees no race, no country, no caste, no religion and no gender! See, nothing can win over humanity, peace and love. Everyone of us want to survive somehow. We want to live by each other’s happiness, not each other’s misery. We don’t want war, hate or despise now. We just stay home in order to survive let those working human kind to flourish humanity in a great form. Now ours motto has been “stay home,save lifes”

When government declared lockdown everyone wanted food, water and safety kits rather than good that evaluates one’s status. Yet, there are beautiful souls helping other living being in earth. They feed food and water to stray dogs, keep their little shares to birds that passes by. Though they can’t be directly helping the needy human like providing relief funds they still are doing those beautiful act so that other species can survive. They take their needs in right amount so that others can purchase too. These beautiful acts of theirs’ is makinga world a better place to live in. They spread love, kind and care through their act. No religion teaches to be a bad person nor any parents want their kid to be emotionless. We cannot despair of humanity as we are human being ourself (Albert einstein). So, let bygones be bygones! The next evolutionary step for humankind is to move from man to kind. Strong people stand up for themselves but stronger people stand for others. Let’s be human, show our true self. Hatred, greed, selfishness are not our true self but politeness, care and affection are. Last but not the least, the time has been given to us to revive our humanity. Let’s not make it an iceberg phenomena thinking our good self is hindrance to limelight for the history has answered. Let’s unite and spread humanity to every living being.

United we can!!

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