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Spreading Humanity by Asmita Acharya

Humanity is a virtue that distinguishes man from rest of beings. It fills people with empathy, benevolence, sympathy and ethic of right or wrong, which lets them think and feel for the rest of the world. The capacity of feeling others pain, being considerate of their situations and letting go of self-interests time and again, bestowing unconditional love to those who are less fortunate than yourself, is something that makes man a human in true senses. The feeling of love and compassion is not just for human beings, but also for the whole vegetable and animal kingdom and also for the environment we live in.

If you are going to spread humanity, it is already saved. It is not something that you save in a piggy bank for future use. Its rather something like knowledge. The more you spread, the more you get and the level elevates.

As blue as it is, spreading humanity is more challenging than it sounds. In this selfish world, people with empathy are taken as weak ones. Let alone supporting their causes, they are bullied and made to face consequences that makes them question their beliefs and ideology. However, this doesn’t stop a pure humanitarian from helping and caring for others wherever and whenever the condition demands it. Even if spreading humanity is more difficult than most people seem to acknowledge, it is not a herculean task. From the beginning of time, there have been people like mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale and so many others who vouched their life for the sake of others. These unforgettable personalities inspire people while teaching them how to love for others.

To contribute towards humanity, you can start from baby steps. Right from helping an old man or a disabled person to cross the road, giving your seat for a pregnant lady in a public bus, feeding a street dog, helping a blind man from falling, standing up for weak and poor, stopping others from throwing stones at a cat on alley, helping unfortunate ones with some clothes, planting trees, etcetera is the humanity promoting activities that you can engage in every day. The sense of satisfaction and peace these simple activities will bring to you is beyond anything can measure. As made diaphanous, you need not have substantial money to help those in need. All you need is a heart and desire to make this world a better place.

This hectic modern world needs people with humanity now more than ever. If you think you need to be a person of power and a hefty bank balance to spread humanity, you couldn’t be more wrong. One of the existing trends of society that will help you on this is how people learn and follow others. You feed an underprivileged mouth and the other family will learn from you and the other family after that. In this way, change begins. A change to make your society a pleasant place to live and raise your children. You can teach your child to be considerate, understand other people’s dilemma and pain. You can teach your juniors the value of compassion. This world needs people like you to trigger humanity in others as well. Only then we can spread humanity and be a part of incredible change.

A renown quote goes as “Who are we as human beings if we ignore the suffering of others?”. Perhaps it’s time for us to do our best to leave this place a better place. And yes, spreading humanity is the key to do so.

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