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Spreading Humanity by Barsha Ghimire

Humanity is quality of being compassion or human consideration for others. Humanity is human race, which includes everyone on earth.it’s also a word for the quality that make us human such as the ability to love and have compassion and be creative.

Word humanity from latin for human nature and kindness. Humanity includes all the human,but it can also refer to the kind feelings human often have for each other. When people ask for money to help feed starving children,they’re appealing to your sense of humanity.

Quality of being human, the peculiar nature of man, by which he is distinguished from other beings. Being human does not mean that an individual possess humanity.To understand the quality of humanity in an individual take note of what he does for people who give noting back in return to the favor they have offered.

Most outstanding example of extraordinary humanity in human being beautifully protrayed by mother Teresa. Humanity means caring for and helping others whenever and wherever possible.Humanity means helping other at times when they need that help the most humanity means forgetting your selfish interest when other needs your help.perfect example of humanity as king with a kind heart,once saw a pigeon and an eagle fighting.He possess the ability of communicating with bird & animals.The pigeon asked the king to save him from eagle.The king told the eagle that he is ready to pay any price in return for saving the pigeon.The eagle ask the king to give him equal amount of flesh to the weight of flesh of pigeon.After donating a little bit of his flesh he still finds the pigeon heavier.Finally,he surrender the whole of himself to eagle to eat that the moment when both eagle and pigeon turn into angels who appeared on the earth to test the extent of kings humanity.king is now rewarded with most precious reward and heaven after life for his deed of humanity.This story can be understood as statement so that individual understand the importance of humanity in their day to day lives.

Now,current situation of the world is different as per earlier,corona virus(covid-19)most dangerous disease which causes nearby 2lakhs human deaths and around 22 lakhs human being are infected and 9 lakhs human are in recovering condition.In this context spreading humanity is boom condition.Doctor and nurses who are called as god,they sacrifice their life for the purpose of humanity to save the patients life.Every people in the world are surviving with this disease.For that,we all humans should able to help eachother and show and spread humanity to every poor people who are struggling to their lives.it is essential to make social distancing but we human can show humanity differently by donating and providing RAHAT for the needy one.This is the crucial situation to show humanity.Humanity cannot show only in human beings,it also shown in animals too.In this situation animal also surviving. We’ve to show humanity for them too by feeding them.
In fact,an individual life is successful not by the number of degrees he/she attains but by humanitarian help an individual can provide in his or her lifetime. It is essential to understand the fact that we are extremely lucky to have everything we desire at any point of time we need.

Only human being understand the important of humanity and it is as a result of intelligence.which actually gives the core essence to human existence.paying your domestic help fairly also as humanity.humanitarian activity should never be performed in order to achieve fame by the work you do lifting the heavy bag of an old woman, helping a disabled to crossroad is humanity.helping a needy one is humanity.As soon as,we understand the importance of humanity in day to day life.The purpose for which we are on earth is automatically fulfilled.

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