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Spreading Humanity by Binita Neupane

Humanity; a peculiar quality of human and human; the most intellectual being on this earth. In short, humanity is defined as the act of learning or literature concerned with human culture. Simplifying, humanity is an universal language that consider no race, status, age, sex and creature. An act of humanity can never be performed with expectation or thoughts of any personal gain.

From the origin of our fore father to the modern man, we have acquired abundance of development within us. On the other hand, these advancement in ourselves makes us feel so superior than other creature, we are forgetting what humanity is. I fear one day humanity will just be a quality to remember. In this era, humans are just being entitled in name but we have turned into monsters and demons just with a slight difference that this monster doesn’t match our imagination with the one possessing long nails, messed lengthy hairs and large teeth. But, in character we have met it. Today, we have been so much blinded by our self created competition that we can go beyond any limits to win it. The worst part about it is we are risking and harming lives; the most beautiful creation of god.

Human being; the most powerful and intellectual creature in this earth utilizing the power and intellect, had brought advancement in technologies. We made weapons to save ourselves despite, we are using it to destroy ourselves. The best example of this is the use of biological weapon for destruction, a smart way of war. This is the greatest form of inhumanity where instead of enhancing self strength we tend to make other weak without considering the consequences. The same consequence of our inhumanity have lead to recent covid-19 crisis which had already taken more than a million of life. This crisis made us realize the importance of humanity associated with love, help and support. In such a scenario where covid-19 is a global problem, it is very difficult for a developing country like Nepal with lack of sufficient technology and manpower to solve without the cooperation of each other. As mahatma Gandhi said,” Humanity is an ocean; if few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean doesn’t become dirty.” With this, let us give humanity a collective voice. In this critical situation where physical distance is the greatest necessity, let us stay apart and help together. The greatest challenges brought by this covid-19 crisis are mental health issues, hunger and financial crisis.

Humanity means helping others at time when they need help the most. At this period, .people are anxious, fearful, and depressed. we can be their strength, motivation and friend in need. Where there is a will, there is a way. We can use social media to pass love, hope and strength. Likewise, spreading boundless and endless love we can create huge impact on mentality of people. On the other hand, we can help people who are starving of hunger. A single person cannot combat this problem but we collaborately can create a huge contribution in solving it. Even a minor help to the people who couldn’t join their hand to mouth can create big impact in their life.

An example of humanity is treating someone with kindness and compassion. Many people are going through financial crisis at this time. If we are at a level to help them, we need to help them. The most important thing is extending unconditional love to the patient infected with covid-19.As humanity is about generosity we need to be generous to them .The world need this. This simple act of love and affection will help the victim feel easier to fight it. if we could make impact on someone life, our life is worth living.

To conclude, as entitled a human, our prime purpose in life should be to help others with no expectation to be helped back, give others with no expectation to get back. we should be the voice to voiceless, eyes to blind and strength to the weak. Now, as you are reading this, ask a question to yourself. Do I really mean to be a human? If yes, what have you really done to mean it. If no, make an effort to mean it.

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