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Spreading Humanity by Binoy Risal

Doing help to others when they badly need it without any intention to get benefit is humanity. Even animals can show humanity despite being uneducated. However the sad part is still humans, the most develop creatures are still struggling to find out the real meaning of humanity. There is a saying “Small drops of water can one day grow up into a huge ocean”. It simply means small contribution can one day give rise to big things. As an individual people may feel that their role may not be enough to spread love and have compassion. But it is not so. Every individual can turn the world upside down if he/ she desire the same.
We can spread humanity by doing some simple things. They are as follows:

  1. First of all let us stop criticizing our country. Find the possibilities that we can do for the country.
  2. Donating the food that is not useful at homes.(Focusing on current issue i.e. COVID-19)
  3. Never ever throw the wastes or wrappers on the road.
  4. Whenever travelling through the public transport, if any older person or woman found offer your seat.
  5. Help other people to fulfill their dreams, desires and you will reach yours very soon.
  6. Say thank you. Yes. Every time if a person does something for you, share a thank you and a smile.

We are the society and we affect them in every possible way. Let’s start by changing our self. Soon we will notice we have changed the entire world around us.

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