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Spreading Humanity by Dipesh Gyawali

“Humanity is a virtue associated with basic ethics of altruism derived from the human condition. It also symbolises human love and compassion towards each other”- Wikipedia. The feelings, expression and response that a human beings shows towards other humans in any condition is Humanity. The response may be good or bad. The way human express is humanity. Every human beings have their own way of expressing humanity to others. Some shows directly and some indirectly.

In this 21st century human are losing their inner humanity. People are busy in their own activities. They have limited time. So they are not focusing their humanity towards others. They have no time to love and care for each others. They needs to be changed, they must utilized their time for people and society. So human needs to be motivated and we must spread humanity to motivate those people.

What do you do when you saw a baby is crying? Yo have to make that baby silent. How do u do to make baby happy? The way is your humanity. Humanity have two ways of expressing. “Right” or “wrong”. The action that make others feels satisfied is right way and unsatisfied is wrong.Different human have different kind of expression. We have to change all expression for better activities. We have to take them in right path. We must spread humanity to them.

We have different NGOs, INGOs, trust, youth groups etc. they are spreading humanity. Some motivational speaker are providing ideas, techniques, changing their behavior, inner humanity for better activities. Some leaders are providing a huge funds to help needy, poor people. They are doing different activities so that every people will be changed by seeing them. Dalai lama had said-“ Future humanity is in our hand” and he is spreading humanity and peace towards whole human kind by his words.

“We think to much and feel too little. More than machinery we need humanity; more than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness.”- Charlie Chaplin. Here he helps to spread humanity by his words so that any needy people may not face the same problem that he used to face.

Every people are born with good and bad behavior, good behavior comes more than bad. So if u can motivate their good behavior in social activities. Then it is easy to spread humanity to each other. One can be changed by seeing another. If every people start to helping each other then automatically bad behaving people also start to help others. The words are more powerful than knife. So we have to start our humanity with words. We have to teach our words to other and other will forwards to other, then the humanity will spread to the whole world.

So first we have to changed, we have to start our own humanity to spread humanity to the society, country and whole human kinds.we can protect humanity in human beings. When their is hunanity their will be peace and when their is peace their will be beautiful world. So spreading humanity is today’s demand. And we have to do it.

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