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Spreading Humanity by Dipika Khadka

Humanity is one of the most peculiar nature of human beings where a person shower an unconditional love to every living beings around.It is also an innate behaviour that give an immense pleasure.

In today’s world ,where whole globe is suffering from pandemic,everyone here are prasing medical professionals and armed forces,me myself being a medical staff if needed to present an outstanding examples of spreading humanity then without any doubt and with a huge respect it would be all the volunteers out there who are demonstrating unconditional effort to spread love for every living beings with the best possible way endangering their own health despite knowing the fact that they would nither get into any lamelight nor any single penny in return.Being reasons behind the smile of a child with a teary eyes and a hope of old man with a trembling speech is humanity.A bird being able to fly high recovering from an injured wings and a dog being able to trust again after being betrayed is in real sense a humanity.

This is the world of capitalism, science and technology where people are desperate to move ahead corrupting the meaning of humanity and all of sudden nature threw us a bitter gift,COVID -19 trying to make us realize the importance of our innate behaviour.Being a human we should be conscious about the fact that this world is existing because of humanity. Once we let it apart the world will let us behind.

Thus, humanity is a strong positive emotions and spreading such an alluring emotion is extremely important to keep this world shines as bright as the eyes of a newborn child which represent the hope,enthusiasm, trust and many more for the better tomorrow.

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