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Spreading Humanity by Ishu Shrestha

Having an essence of humanity is something we all must have as being a human being ourselves. But, stepping into this modern world and being ahead in almost everything, where most of us are lagging behind is showing the sense of humanity to another human being. Humanity is an important part of our life. It tells us to help others, try to understand other and realize the people problems with our own eyes and try to help them if we can. But, are we all really showing the humanity, I even question that to myself? We are living in a time where human has lost their values, the love and respect.

Well, we all know what we are going through in the present context. Not only in Nepal, but the whole world is being terrified due to an infectious disease named Corona Virus or COVID-19. Thousands have already lost their life and there are still more to come. The whole world is facing this crisis. We are told to stay at home, make the immune system strong, be clean and sanitized, be alert and safe. Due to the locked down situation, the essential goods like masks, sanitizers, toilet papers are being out of stock or being sold overpriced. People are buying these goods more than they need in order to be safe and not have trouble during quarantine, but what about other people who were late to buy these all or can’t even buy, were we thinking about them? And there exist people who overpriced these goods, who were taking advantages of this crisis by cheating on other people, just to earn that paper known as money which is running the current world. This is just a simple example showing how we are losing humanity and being more selfish day by day.

Though humanity has not been completely extinct, there are still many people who are joining hands together to help the other human and spread humanity but it is still being a big question mark today. So, what I want to say is, let’s not be too much selfish and let’s not spread more negativity at least in this situation of crisis. We know we cannot do much but at least support each other and think about others too which can be a very small but an effective step towards spreading humanity.

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