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Spreading Humanity by Jasmita

Humanity is the quality of being human. Humanity is also a behavior of being empathetic person. An empathetic person is someone who can share another person’s feeling or having ability to imagine how someone else feels. When a person realize that he/she isn’t perfect and being humble and helping others when they face problems and stumble is called humanity.

Human are the living being who can’t live without being involved in the society. They need family, love, support from each other. In Curren situation it is very important to spread humanity. Humanity is not only giving goods to the needy people ,but sometimes some words can play vital role to motivate others and can pull out them form their problematic situation. Spreading humanity is depend upon situation.

Now a days people are busy with making money and they forgetting what is humanity and go away from responsibility towards society. So this is the time to spread humanity and make realize them that they’re following wrong path. As soon as we understand the importance of humanity, we can forgetting our selfish interest at times when others need our help.

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