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Spreading Humanity by Kavita Rai

Why on Earth am I here for? Is there any purpose behind my existence? Why is this problem happening to me only? These questions have definitely hit us once in our life while we find ourselves in problematic situations. As a human, we have the quality of thinking, reasoning, analyzing, desire for growth, unlimited wants, showing emotions, and so on. People think so many things about self, future career, sources of self satisfaction, feeling loved by people, getting help during difficulties and celebration during success. After all humans need humans in every step of their lives.However, if a person forgets his/her selfish interests at times of crisis but sees others’ pains, sufferings and necessities which drives him/her to help them by giving focus, time and concern as feeling his/her own problem then it is considered to be humanity. Humanity is the quality of being human who cares, serves and helps for the every living creature when and where possible. It is a way of extending unconditional love without expecting to get anything in return. Therefore spreading humanity is also a nature of supporting many living creatures during the time of needs through dividing the cooperating team in respected areas.

The factors that shapes humanity are environment, nature, nurture, culture, religion, heredity, needs, behavior, ethics, moral, etc. No wonder, from the existence of human civilization on the Earth, humanity has been in practice. Our ancestors helped each others living together, hunting, gathering necessities, sharing, encompassing the tradition and culture to new generations being united. Even a small child feels sad when s/he sees an injured animal on the street. This kind of feeling leads him/her to bring happiness to that animal even not knowing how. Humanity is either being learned by observation or by insight learning.When people had problems due to natural calamities, economical instabilities, social crisis, etc. there had been humans who supported to fulfill the basic need for those people. In past, people showed humanity by providing alms, donations, charity and relief. In the history of Nepal, there used to be the construction of ‘pati’, ‘pauwa’ ( shelter for resting), ‘dharmabhakari’ ( practice of collecting grains for hungry people), community organizations to practice culture and traditions from birth to death, etc. that spread humanity. From the religious perspective, humanity started to grow as people believed that helping helpless would give them salvation after death which is termed ‘mokshya’. Slowly and gradually, the social, voluntary , governmental and non governmental organizations started to emerge.

Whether by accidents or through careful planning, there have been people throughout time who stand out for spreading humanity during their lifetimes or even after their deaths. Marie Curie, who formulated the theory of radioactive was once denied to have higher studies in Krakow University because of being woman. Despite the prejudice society in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, she succeed to invent radioactive. Though she died from an illness that resulted from her long exposure to radiation, she spread humanity through her contribution which is still used for research in nuclear physics and for medicinal utility to treat cancers saving many lives. Consonantly, Florence Nightingale, “the Lady with the Lamp” as a young woman turned down proposals of marriage and ignored the social conventions of the day for a woman of her standing. She attempted to improve hospital conditions, improved the freshwater supply, set new standards for sanitation, introduced fresh fruits and vegetables into patients’ diets and even used her own money to buy equipment for the hospital. Within one year of arriving in Scutari she had transformed her field hospital and the mortality rate for wounded soldiers dropped from 60% to 2.2%.

Spreading humanity is not confronting with the social evil and bad practices but transforming righteous concept into action. Change always starts first in mind. Nelson Mandela’s support for reconciliation within South Africa after many years of racial dislocation has helped to heal the division and forged a transition towards multiracial democracy. Mahatma Gandhi, a man of great moral courage, won the admiration of millions of Indians, as well as many Europeans. He is still upheld as the finest example of peaceful but forceful protest by people across the globe. Anuradha Koirala, a Nepalese social activist dedicated herself to help victims of sex trafficking, rescuing and rehabilitating women and girls. Likewise, Mother Teresa discovered her true calling to help those who no one else would touch, the desperately poor, sick and undervalued people of the slums. The reason behind changing their mind thinking about others is just because of humanitarian feeling. It is humanity that separates human from other species. On one hand, many of these people contributed their lives for the sake of spreading humanity and on the other hand, they became sources of inspiration to millions of people who decided to lit the light into dark lives of others. The organizations like Lions Clubs International Foundation, Leo Clubs, Red Cross, Scouts, Rotary Club, Junior Chamber International, etc. are based on the Humanitarian spirit working for children, youths, women, elder citizens, health and well beings, services and community service initiatives were developed. Working together in huge networking, these organizations have been identifying the world’s most crucial needs and supporting them in their efforts to spread humanity where it is needed most.

Spreading humanity is a gift. Not everyone is born with this gift. On the contrary, there are humans on the Earth who abuse other’s right, give physical and mental tolerances, violate the laws and regulations, corrupts, etc. which show their self-centered nature and obsessions to the materialistic world. The news of murder, trafficking, sexual harassment, cyber crimes, and so on are still spreading in so-called civilized stage of human civilization. Along with the advancement of science and technologies, those people got an easier and short ways for earning self-motives by misusing other creatures. Some have the habit of pulling legs of people who wants to grow. Instead of praising the people who does great things for helpless, they criticize and make fun of those social works. They spread rumors, fears, anxiety, etc. to others not letting them to have faith. Meanwhile, many people and organizations just perform act of humanitarian service to get name, fame, prestige and power not concerning about others sufferings. They take photographs and video graphs without asking the permission to the victims for making an effective report not the social work. They even do not realize about the principles of doing social work but corrupt and steal the reliefs and aids which are ready to be given for needy ones.

Spreading humanity is an important thing in the world. Every living creature need humanity and kindness and spreading them is essential. Humanity secures the right of freedom, life equality, opinion, information, etc. even of the tiniest creature. It helps everyone to grow together especially uplifting the marginalized and vulnerable group from their condition. Humanity doesn’t judge the people on the basis of age, sex, gender, class, caste, religion, etc. but comforts all physically, socially, emotionally, psychologically and naturally. It heals the broken heart, rises hope to do good thing, gives family to the abandoned person, friend to the lonely and conserves the biodiversity. It is the thing that brings self-actualization and satisfaction which money can’t buy.

In the consequences of trouble, any individual can perform humanity from their own areas. Politicians can maintain proper care for citizens; doctors, nurses and medical reformers can provide physical, mental, social and emotional well-being to the patients; social workers can support the needy ones by providing basic needs and awareness programmes; industrialists, businessmen and entrepreneurs can financially assist; psychologists and psychiatry can treat the psychological conditions of traumatized victims; teachers can educate the students and give counseling through recreational activities; news reporters and journalists can link or mediate between the experts, politicians and sponsors with the public for interaction. Above all, an individual can also help the neighbors living next door. For spreading humanity, there is no criteria to be qualified as a professionals but it’s a willpower which let an individual to perform it.

To sum up, it has been a challenging thing for the humans living on the Earth whether to be responsible for spreading humanity or just live for self. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of the USA addressed his citizens by saying, “And so my fellow American, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” The same challenge address for every human in present as well. Many practice humanitarian service to get some benefits but it puts a big question mark for all of us what have we done for our family, friends, relatives, neighbors, community and overall country. Those who spread humanity have already found the answer of why are they living on the Earth and what their purposes are. Let’s not give up but grow up in spreading humanity because it is a greatest gift we can give anyone.

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