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Spreading Humanity by Kritika Poudel

Humanity, a word that defines and unites human, a real purpose that serves our life and a feeling that makes us different from other creatures. It’s a key to unlock the secret door of our happiness and a bridge to connect ourselves with the theme of the world. It is our identity as the wisest creature of nature.

The world is full of chaos, opportunities and scarcities but nature is created in such a way that the scarcity of one can be fulfilled by the opportunity of another. For instance; What will be the identity of soil if the plants do not cherish on it? Similarly, we humans should be there for each other to aid with food, clothes and shelter as everyone is not lucky enough to possess the physical things in life. Our happiness will find no limit if we are able to stretch the lips of many people to smile a little more with our deeds. We rise by lifting others not by dominating them and we become humans by spreading humanity.
Love doesn’t get confined between two people, so is humanity. instead, humanity even doesn’t get confined between humans on. As a human, it becomes our responsibility to work for every other creature and existence that occurs in nature whether it’s an animal, river or trees. We are the one to consume and deteriorate the natural things because of which we should be the one to restore and protect their significance. Hence, we should spread the humanity between the living and non-living things, from helpful to helpless and from the leader to voiceless.

Being different is worthless if we are unable to create a difference in one’s life and are unable to live for others even for a single day. Life punches us with many challenges, maybe tomorrow becomes the day when we need to beg help from others. We all are attached and dependent on each other with an invisible thread named as ‘Humanity’. So let us serve, appreciate and spread humanity to make this world a better place for survival.

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