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Spreading Humanity by Lirisha Tuladhar

Human Beings, the social animals of the universe with unique characters of intellectual mind and advanced living. Isn’t this how we have placed our humankind, giving it a blend of quality called Humanity? Humanity as defined by the dictionary is compassion and the sympathy portraying the capacity of understanding others through intellect mind. Its an act of sustaining the life embellished with jewels of empathy and kindness, which other animals may hardly be able to show. For humans it is an integral factor for survival without which the entire quality of the human being degrades and there would be no meaning of being called as socially logical animals.

As the game of nature plays, the humans are bound to the rules of living and helping others live. Humanity is such a mystery in humankind that, it can be a source to define an individual. The more we are humane, the more can we spread the humanity. The art of humanity is portrayed when you yourself as a human being spread it among the others.

Question might arise. What and where do we find humanity? Answer is everywhere! Just go around the neighbourhood. You find a withered old man, a shimmer of hope in his face. A smile from your lips- that is all humanity calls for. That one smile can be the definition of humanity for the old man and a smile back from the man is what you can say… the spreading of humanity. That is how from a single human arises the humanity and it spreads contagiously from one to another until it creates a beauty among the people.

Human or not humanity is important to be spread for all. Humanity word may have been termed by humans, but it applies for not just humans but every other animal as well. You do not kick a stray dog innocently passing by your feet, that’s humanity. you pet the dog and give its neck a soft ruffle it is a step up in humanity. You can feel the dog responding you back with a wag of its tail and a jumpy lick to your hands. Even this is humanity – the respect and love you have spread though just a kind gesture. It does not need a human to human to spread humanity- just feelings and kindness works out fine.

Spreading humanity is something that requires not much effort at all. It may seem such a weighty work and a tough task and an advanced quality to possess but truth is its just as simple as a smiling. Its highly contagious so there is no doubt of its spread easily. Just gift a flower to your mum in any random day making her mood for the day automatically glow- even that is an act of humanity you will have initiated from where you are- right from home!

In a nutshell, it is not even a big deal to be humane and spread humanity. The ultimate secret of spreading humanity is to start from yourself. Just by opening the doors of your mind and heart you enter the world of humanity from which you will then not depart. Start spreading it from yourself and you will find others spreading it too.

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