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Spreading humanity by Merina Subedi

Humanity, such a simple term which defines kindness but is really hard to find these days among humans. It is the compassionate, sympathetic or generous behaviour or disposition which refers to quality of being humane. It is a quality of compassion and benevolence.

Living in this undoubtedly beautiful universe where we try to create something new, chase our dreams, try to fit in the surrounding, sometimes judge and judged and many more is somewhat an important part of our life. But apart from these humanity is simply a most important aspect of our social life that builts anyone’s character, highness and sometimes impression. While the whole world is busy keeping up their work i feel like they have forgotten the word humanity!!! I believe humanity is not something that can be easily spread and there are many reasons…why is that??? Each and everyone of us is gifted by almighty with individual mindsets that differentiates everyone of us on nature, habits, behaviour, attitude and means of life. Hence, because of high sense of disparity in everyone of us drives our thoughts, actions and intentions to react accordingly with various aspects of human life. That differentiation of human beings had created goodness and badness of everyone’s thoughts and actions on this live planet which had sequentially over the years infected other’s mind to propel dishonesty, falsehood, atrocities and brutality in this world. Thus its an outcome of following others without using own mind which had killed their own sense of being to analyse righteousness and falsehood of others which ultimately had destroyed spirituality of thoughts and actions to make human life as emotionless and without relationship, love and affection. Therefore humanity is always nurtured by idleness of our character that builds good circle and groups around us but today’s world is moving towards separatism where people are ruthless, self centred and think of their own interests to destroy others life than how does humanity can be spreaded and nurtured in absence of good human minds.

Humanity is not something that you save in a piggy bank for future use. It’s rather something like knowledge. The more you spread the more you get and the level elevates. If we spread humanity, it means we are spreading love and care. And when we spread love and care for people, we are bringing people together, and when people are together, they are thoughtful about each other and when they are thoughtful about other, then ultimately the standard of living becomes better and the society grows manifold even spiritually. So it’s like flowers: when we distribute flowers, its fragrance remains in our hands. Same way, the more you spread humanity, the more it would benefit you and the world at the same time.
Spreading humanity is not a easy way it is very difficult. We ourself human being are talking about humanity..why?? It’s because we have lost it and we are nearer to animals. We should fight only for food, shelter and physical requirement. It is such a thing that you cannot teach anybody. It is the feeling towards underprivileged people if they don’t get any time to look up on the problem of poor people diseased people and unemployment. So we all should try to become a better human being who not just only think of themselves but also others pain, need and suffering. So when we will be able to do these then yes that day we can say we have spreaded humanity everywhere.

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