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Spreading Humanity by Monika Shah

Be the reason someone smiles
Be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness of people
(Roy T Bennett)

Humanity was started in the world as the human evolution was taking places.Centuries and centuries ago, years and years ago it was started as it was evidenced by Love,Care and Share whether it was in Stone Era or Great Grandfather’s periods.

Humanity was never defined as misbehaving or doing bad for others but it was defined as giving your valuable time despite of busy schedule to the needy one.Humanity always stands for caring for and helping others whenever and wherever possible.It is work of helping others at time when they need the help the most.Humanity is an important part of life which tells that to help others, try to understand other and realize the people problems with our own eyes and try to help them with our own hands.But as the year are passing and humans surrounding have been growing we are loosing humanity and interest for it.If the steps are not taken, proper guidance are not provided, or pass generations to generation it will extinct like dinosaurs.It is very important to spread humanity as it always gives self satisfaction which is always the best.

At conclusion, Humanity is always the work of heart and greater than any religion of world.For example:If you have ever Lifted heavy bags of elderly people,helping the disable people to cross the roads you get the precious smile in your face which is directly related to your heart .Every person who shows humanity set the examples of real life superhero and less person are blessed to be someone real life heros. Great respect to all the Real life superhero’s.

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