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Spreading Humanity by Neeti

When we hear the word “humanity”, what comes to our mind at first? Is it a love and compassion towards another human being who is less fortunate financially or differentially abled or a feeling of pure love and responsibility towards the voiceless being? To define it is both of the above but in todays materialistic world, people believe that the key to your success is by defeating others rather than going hand by hand. To be in the top you need to bring the opponent down is the ideology of todays world. In a chaotic world as today’s, the word humanity is somewhere lost. It’s hard to figure out if a helping hand is genuine or has a selfish motive behind it.

A genuine friend, a true love, a perfect life partner, a generous president, a kind stranger, all of these have become myths now. They are good to hear but hard to find in this 21st century. We know what humanity is, but we are too busy. It’s not our fault, we were raised like this, we were raised to compete and survive. “Survival of the fittest” is the only thing life has taught us and is the only thing being passed on from generations to generations. This is how we convince ourselves everyday. But no, spreading humanity is not that hard even though how bad we struggle each day. Just a kind gesture to the watchman who guards your workplace everyday and the smile you bring to their face with a sweet hello could bring a peace within you. Just giving 5 minutes to feed a packet of biscuit to a wagging tail could make your whole week go graceful. Helping a less fortunate person with your pocket money could give you a sense of satisfaction that no luxury could provide you. But all of us are so consumed within ourselves that we dont have time for all of these. Do we?

Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale who spreaded humanity to the world cannot come back to this century but people who have the souls as pure as their’s are still present here admist all of us.

Our CNN heroes Anuradha Koirala and Pushpa Basnet from our very own motherland has not let the word humanity disappear amongst all the chaos.

Talking about the current pandemic of COVID-19 that the world is suffering. While some people are agonized as not being able to pursue the luxuries and facilities outdoors due to the fear of the virus, there are the health workers who are risking their lives to save another, who have died taking care of the infected, who are still treating the infected knowing that they might not live long to see their children be as successful as they are. The current pandemic has taught people that humanity still flourish. In our own nation, there are people like Sneha Shrestha, who is travelling throught the valley and wherever possible to feed the voiceless being. The animals and birds that somehow were depending on the selfish people around for their survival are starving to death. But thank god, since the people like our sister Sneha Shrestha are still here, who knows what humanity is, the world has a chance of thriving.

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