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Spreading humanity by Pooja Panta

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” These great words by Mahatma Gandhi beautifully portraits humanity completes human.

In the globe where people are in hustle to earn their sophisticated lifestyle, someone around the narrow lane is dying in hope of earning a loaf of bread. Technologies have brought miles away countries together, but people living in same apartments hesitates sharing their plates. On the roads where big Mercedes run freely, street dogs are yawning with hunger and thirst since several days at nearby footpaths. Kindness is dying every second, and in the world 360000 babies are born each day. Humans are alive but humanity is buried in the cremation of selfishness.

Nature is asking for small initiation. A helpful hand to hold helpless, a soul to preserve humanism spreading love and respect to poor and needy people. Kindness shown to abandon people can help in watering their life. Humanity is nature and spreading humanity is a feeling. One’s initiation can create cycle of humane behavior which will not let any slums to kill their hunger and wish to live.

Spreading humanity does not need millions of rupees, it needs wealthy heart and kind intention to support those who has lost their hopes. It does not end on dropping some coins inside donation box kept in temples,church or any religious places rather spreading humanity is a human responsibility. Spreading humanity is sowing seeds of care and help so when it grows it gives shades and fruits to the numbers of helpless people. It is a true feeling of sharing love and compassion to every living being whether they are human, animals or trees. When you see an abandoned old cow left on the road just because her master no more can draw milk from her do not blow your horn at them, Call the organization which takes better care of street animals. Seeing your humane behavior your child sitting on back sit of the car learns to love street animals. When you see a child begging for money or when you see an old woman lost on the road do not move away show some love and help to them. If your five minutes of kindness make them feel secured and cared you are in path of spreading humanity. Your one small effort can change thought of hundreds of people. Those hundreds can make thousands and a humanitarian chain is made.

In this age of capitalism where humanity is slowly being corrupted by personal needs, and desires, we need to spread it to make human realize humanity characteristics of being real human. We need to make our society, country and world a safe place to live in where benevolence and kindness blossoms spreading its roots, making humanity immortal for humankind.

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