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Spreading Humanity by Prince Singh

Humanity is the state in which a human shows their compassion, sympathy and generous behavior towards every living creature in this universe. Humanity can be compared to justice with a fine line of difference between them. Justice is something that should be followed when a person is following his ethical duties. But humanity could be sometime not within the radar of ethics, though it is always directed towards wellbeing of mankind. One of the great philosopher Confucius has stated that humanity is love of people. Form this statement of him we can say that humanity is deeply connected to mankind, service, socialization, kindness and some other abstracts that are still to be described in words.

Spreading the humanity should be the integral part of persons life. Without being human or behaving humane one will not be able to adapt in this society. It should not be confined to a person or a group rather it should be continuously flowing throughout the world. The act of kindness has been proven to end many conflicts around the word. That was possible only due to spread of humanity. One of the best examples are the prisoners of wars. After the war is over and some of the soldiers in the captive are released as a message of spreading humanity among the different nations. This came into play after the UN Geneva agreement on human rights of soldiers. Spreading humanity has been a key part of our society from a long time.

Spreading humanity is necessary in almost all the fields for the smooth running od wheel. Let us consider that for certain instance humanity is deleted from our world. What would happen to the patients who need affection in their hard times? Humanity is the reason why doctors have not been replaced by robots. Robots are good in every aspect as a doctor but when it comes to compassion, showing kindness, they will not go for it. So, we can now imagine how important is humanity and its flow among beings. Similarly, in our day to days life humanity which contains kindness as its integral part is very important. We have to show these feelings and gratitude towards many individuals in our day to day life. We need to respect our elders, love our youngers. In today’s world perspective, where many persons are with terminal illness, humanity plays a supportive role to upheld their courage to face the disease. A person dying in weeks is only thirsty of his loved ones because of this humanity.

LEO has been dedicated for social works and spreading the humanity by the help of youth in many ways. If there are not the resources available for continuing the life, a person can definitely live for some days without basic needs too. But without humanity and feeling to find a meaningful life a person could not live for an hour. Humanity provides an energy that we need to live in prosperity.

For some people providing food, cloth and shelter could be humanity and for some other it could be different. Providing the basic needs may be considered the best way to spread the humanity. After these needs are fulfilled, we could focus on other. We just need a determination within us to spread the humanity. Some people do it by just talking to the people in old age homes, some by making large donations. Its our determination that decides whether we can spread the humanity or not. It’s not about the wealth and position in the society. Plantation could also be regarded as the spreading humanity. As planting plants help to cope with the climate change and it will nourish the mother nature which is common shelter for all living beings. Similarly, other intrinsic feelings like loving every human, ready to help others, may also be regarded as the way of spreading humanity.

The various wars that is ongoing in different part of world could be put to end by this act of spreading humanity. It’s just both the rivals should be agreeing on the points of well-being of the most intelligent species on earth, we humans. The conflicts of land, wealth and power could be resolved easily if this humanity is taken into consideration. The populations who have been deprived of basic human rights could be addressed by spreading humanity. In context of Nepal, Madesh andolan and many other andolan, which took lives of many innocent people and caused harm of properties could have been postponed if one of the groups had shown this spreading this humanity. Neither the state nor the opponents focused on what normal people wanted rather then they focused on fulfilling their own interests. This caused a lot of destruction. It could have been avoided by the concept of this spreading humanity.

COVID-19 has affected a lot of people in many ways. This spread of humanity and kindness has provided the people a will to stay in their homes for this long too. Humanity and its spread have a major role in motivating the health professionals and other frontline warriors to face this situation. Doctors have been working hours without break for the sake of humanity only. Similarly, researchers who are busy finding the proper treatment for COVID19 are also going for sleepless nights due to their social responsibility. Similarly act of kindness, social intelligence has also affected people’s thought of staying home during lockdown. The help people are getting through different sources in this hard time is also the result of spreading the humanity.

Summing up about spreading humanity I would say it is the act of providing care to needed ones. Humanity itself has a vast spectrum and so It could be spread by a lot of different methods. Its upon us how we chose and what are our capacities to spread the humanity. We should not wait for the correct time as there are no such correct times and its always the time to act. Finally, we can spread the humanity from the unit level regardless of our post and position in society.

Thank you.

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