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Spreading Humanity by Pursottam Subedi

Humanity is caring and helping others whenever possible .In other words, It means extending unconditional love to each and every living being on earth. Humanity is very important as individual life is successful not by number of degree he or she attains but by the degree of humanities activities.

Humanity is simply the nature of the human where we are expected to think to act as beneficial, as well as nature around us .It is such a things you can’t teach anybody , it is a feeling toward underprivileged ,helping other’s at time when they need help is the most ,forgetting owns, self interest and self outcomes serving the poor and the disabled is one of the greatest humanitarian help. Humanitarian refers to “believing and practising the kindness “ in spite of having name , fame and power .for showing humanity you don’t need to be a rich person ,even a poor person can show humanity by helping the victims by providing them a drop of water .You can take a examples , if you saw victim though you are in a rush ;first put yourself on his/ Her place . If you are a human, you will obviously help that victim . The next day if that victim saw another suffering he will ultimately help him/ her, and the process continuous and gradually the world might changes into a beautiful garden of heaven. By the way we also may know that humanity plays vital role to bring drastic changes in a country.

There are numerous needy, underprivileged people who don’t have security that next morning they will get some food or not ‘gass , bass , kapass’ is today’s need not only this people face this problem in this pandemic but most of the animal and birds are also suffering from this problem. As I am a Leo member myself privilege to work on our District Governer theme ‘Spreading Humanity’ to serve a needy people through service .Due to the Corona Virus(Covid -19) the country is in lockdown. During this Lockdown poor and underprivileged people are facing a difficulty to survive their life . On this trouble situation Lions and Leo together serving a needy people through blood which is great problem in this period as well as Food , Water , Clothes and all necessary item to fulfill their needs . All are the wonderful creation of god.

Everyone have such kind of kindness so if all the people will be happy then u can see how, beautiful this world will spreading humanity.In this age of technology and capitalism we are in disperate need to spread humanity and make everyone realised its importance and as soon as we understand its importance the purpose for which we are on earth is automatically fulfilled.

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