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Spreading Humanity by Rohini Shahi

In this day and age, the more the number of human, the lesser the humanity. Isn’t it bewildering to observe and realize this fact?

In this situation, it’s a dare time that we know the significance of spreading humanity.

Yes, when one soul with his deed brings a bit of smile in another soul and adds a little more hope to it then that’s what humanity is. In other words, humanity is all about being empathetic towards the other beings. Spreading humanity is undeniably crucial. However, the question arises; when do we show/spread humanity? Is it that when we see others in need? Is it that when we feel like earning our reputation? Or is it that when we really feel the pain of another and have an urge to assist? The answer lies within us.

However empathetic we tend to be if we are not able to fulfill our own basic requirements then is it okay for us to help others? This is another pivotal aspect to think about. In many cases those who want to help, they themselves are in the problem in the first place. They want to help in that circumstance too for they don’t want to let other’s bear similar pain they had had. Some might be in the situation of life and death but still they desperately want to support others. At such point, one must prioritize ownself at first. And this is something really very important. Spreading humanity may differ from person to person. It is to note that not always helping others by giving materials count but providing an emotional support with few kind words even carries a greater significance.

Talking about where we should spread humanity, it’s of course that we spread it where it is necessary. There where peace already resides, all people already have what they need and humanity already prevails, we need not be concerned about such places. But it is that we spread humanity in such places where it is necessary. For instance a boy is lost and cannot reach his parents. Here, if somebody helps him reach his parents then that’s humanity. Couple of weeks ago this compassionate lady along with her whole team of particular organization in Dhulikhel was distributing free packets of noodles, water and some other important usable things for the pedestrians who had been walking without a grain in the belly and penny in the pockets during this miserable time of corona virus. This very lady wore a mask. She neither disclosed her name nor unfolded the name of organization which initiated this commendable job to support those in need when asked by a reporter. The question is why has she been doing so? Or let’s say why this organisation has been doing what it’s been doing? Why didn’t she disclose the details? Why don’t they want to come on the spotlight? The answer is simple. It’s actually because they are spreading humanity. Yes, a magnanimous effort just to provide a little hope for those who need. That’s what they’d been doing. We can take the example of eminent personalities like Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale, Anuradha Koirala who constantly spreaded humanity for the sake of other souls. They always marched ahead while contributing through humanitarian activities. Another example could be some noble citizens providing food to the innocent creatures (cats, dogs etc.) on the street in this corona time. Yes, this is indeed humanity being spreaded.

The important aspect we should be aware of is spreading humanity is all about keeping ownself in the other’s shoes. Perceiving the feeling of another and making an effort to create a difference. Also it means realizing the barrier amongst lives and making a choice to break the barriers at least with a bit of support. Spreading humanity helps people believe on life and make them want to proceed the journey of life. It motivates them to carry on and trust on human beings. It gives them a chance to attain their goal. It makes someone feed their children. It makes someone reach their voice and above all, it makes someone optimistic and makes his life along with other many lives go on. Besides, spreading humanity creates beautiful souls with the positive mindsets everywhere. It develops a place where no being has negativity. All they want is to spread positivity. It reassures people that yes, this is a chance for me to make sure that I must survive and serve for I am here to contribute no matter what. For I survive to spread more love fulfilling all the responsibilities which I’m supposed to fulfill. Apart from this, spreading humanity creates a space for respect from one being’s heart to another. It helps to sense the moral views on lives. Above all, it prevents the worse that could happen and brings the jolly time. However, it’s funny that in today’s world some people help not because they are empathetic but because they are in identity crisis and they want to be on the limelight.

All in all, spreading humanity is spreading love and support to those who are in need. It’s about a human helping another being to grow. Humanity always brings the peace and it builds the aspiration to long the lives. It is to be understood that spreading humanity is being compassionate while keeping a low profile. It’s not about blowing one’s own trumpet. If one helps others to hear another cock and bull story of ownself, then that’s not humanity. That’s greed. Humanity is always a selfless effort without any ulterior motive. A small support from our side if brings a smile in faces, why don’t we step ahead? The sole meaning of life is to spread humanity. Spreading humanity depends upon our will, motivation and ability. Let us always remember one thing, that is; being human is given but keeping our humanity is a choice.



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